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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipisawarlock View Post
    TBC: Flying Mounts
    Wrath: DKs
    Cata: LFR
    MoP: Questing
    Think i'm actually thinking the same, here, except perhaps MoP's best feature yet as far as I'm concerned has to be monks. I like LFR as a timekiller and it's a good thing for a lot of people (but not for me specifically).

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    Classic: didnt play
    BC: Hyjal
    WOTLK: story
    Cata: it finally ended
    Mists: Its so damn beautiful

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    DO IT!

    - BC: Flying mounts
    - Woltk: Uldaur
    - Cata: Transmog
    - MoP: Account wide achievements / Mounts

    You just named everything that killed the real World of Warcraft.

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    I'll leave out lore since no one seems to care.

    ~Vanilla: COLORS! No other MMO of its time had colors like this. I was completely taken.
    ~BC: Gear design and dungeons. Love and miss these.
    ~Wrath: Addition of achievements and Ulduar. Yeah, it was that good. Still try to run it weekly.
    ~Cata: New zones. The quest flows are almost too good in them. Plus LFR.
    ~Mists: Most of it, so far. Account achievements and mounts, pet battles, pandaren and even the new class is damn good.
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    TBC: Being able to play prot pala and fury warrior without being laughed at
    Wotlk: Cinematic and Ulduar
    Cata: uhm... sunshafts? lol, i guess azeroth flying if anything
    MoP: Secret treasures/places/easter eggs, rare hunting, vanity items, revamped SM, challenge modes
    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmist View Post
    The most nerfed class in WoW is <my class>. <my class> seems to get nerfed every damn patch, unlike those <other class> that get buffed and still want more!

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    BC - Raiding without the need to spend 8 hours before every raid farming to stay competitive. and flying mounts.
    WOTLK - Interesting stats, spellpower = spelldmg and + healing.
    Cata - Have a group will travel, Mass rez, Transmog.
    MoP - Battle pets, Account wide achievements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobsagget View Post
    however I..unfortunately haven't tried Pandaria, not sure if my time with WoW is over..damn, 6 years of amazing game (Cata wasn't really amazing but it was good.)
    Really should give it a try, I'm heckling my friends day and night to come back. Blizzard just needs to keep the patch releases to the Quality of this release content and you could be looking at a contender to steal TBC from it's throne of awesome. Naturally it could all go downhill like Cata, but Cata was nowhere close to TBC Contender even at release.

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    TBC: Belfs
    Wotlk: ulduar
    Cata: t11
    MoP: Account wide stuff

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    BC: Illidan (man I wish that I could raid back then). He was my favourite character from WC III.
    WotLK: Actually being able to raid properly (only ICC towards the end though) and this one piece of music:
    Cata: Old world revamp
    MoP: Being part of some 'new lore'. Most of the other expansions have had some other history towards what we were trying to achieve within the game. Now it's all about being part of the evolution I feel.
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    As far as I know the achievement system was introduced in late TBC, might have been the pre-patch for WotLK but TBC nonetheless!
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    BC - Nagrand
    WotLK - Story
    Cata - Revamping of old zones
    MoP - Account-wide achievements, mounts & pets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badhairday View Post
    As fair as I know the achievement system was introduced in late TBC, might have been the pre-patch for WotLK but TBC nonetheless!
    Patch 3. I don't consider the new talent trees to be a product of Cata. It's a Mists change. Same with achievements. Added before the actual launch of wrath, sure, but added in the pre patch as a feature of WoTLK. Perspective I guess.
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    BC: Netherwing Drakes, and Nether Rays,
    WotLK: Ulduar, and Ulduar style hard modes, plus Death Knights.
    Cataclysm: Raid Finder, even though I'm not a fan of it, Transmog, and graphic rework of Azeroth zones.
    Pandaria: Monks, Pandas, new Talent Tree system, Pet Battles, and account wide achievements/mounts/pets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    BC - Blood Elves

    Wrath - 4 tiers

    Cata - Transmog

    MoP - Monk
    I like how you state Blood Elves as BC, and you are a Dranei ^^

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    BC: Flying mounts
    Cata: LFR
    MoP: Account-wide Cheivs/Mounts/Titles

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    Hard to pick just one best thing from each expansion so I'm going with a couple of 3-way ties here...

    BC - Outland zones (coolest looking zones in the game imo), flying mounts, and some of the best world PvP ever (Hellfire Peninsula and Isle).
    Wrath - achievements, zones (second best looking zones in the game imo), and closure to the Arthas/Scourge story.
    Cataclysm - old world redesign, LFR, and transmogging.

    Can't say anything about MoP because I don't have it yet. So right now I'm just going to say the best thing about MoP is the fact that we'll eventually get to kill off Garrosh for good.
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    TBC: The raidmodel
    WotLK: The leveling experience
    Cataclysm: The instance difficulty at the start of the expansion
    MoP: Not playing, so wouldn't know

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    TBC: Simply amazing raid content, attunement heavy raiding hell yea =)
    WotLK: Duall spec, this was such a pain before
    Cata: Guild leveling system, i thought it rocked.
    MoP: ......... ?

    negative's coz i feel like it
    TBC: Flying / arena's / heroic system / 25m raids / Badge system (later to be known as emblems/JP/VP)
    WotLK: no more attunements / LFD / ToC < haha ^^
    Cata: LFR / Lack of content ;p
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    Classic: brand new game, 40 man raids, AQ gates opening event.....being almost 8 years younger and actually having time to play.
    BC: raid model, having to work for attunements, 25 man raiding dominating
    LK: ulduar hard-mode model, nicely done world, did not like it after toc was putinto game.
    CATA: did not like at all, basically skipped this expansion
    Pandaria: just bought yesterday, still checking it out.

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    Burning Crusade : Flying Mount
    Wotlk : Ulduar
    Cata : RBG / Transmog
    Mop : Monk / Achiv account wide and pet battle

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