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    TBC: Flying (second best thing would be daily quests)
    WotLK: LFD queueing
    Cata: Reforging
    MoP: Errything, I guess specifically I really like the Tillers and the cooking masteries.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hellfury View Post
    BC - Awesome raid zones.
    WOTLK - achievements
    Cata - Nothing
    MOP - To early to tell

    I dont consider Transmog a cata feature it was a WOW feature not something that came with a expansion.
    Achievements were introduced before WotLK and are also a 'wow feature'.

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    wotlk-dual spec
    cata-new lower lvl zones
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    BC: Exciting new land to explore with new lore/races
    Wotlk: Protodrakes
    Cata: Goblins.
    MoP: Exciting new land to explore with new lore/races.

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    BC - My Guild and raiding.
    LK - Arena and PvP
    Cata - Easy levelling and to a certain degree questing. Standing in Org...oh, wait.
    MoP - Everything so far - I love my monk!
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    BC - Isle of Quel Danis
    Wrath - I liked every teir even 3.2
    Cata - Old world revamp, dont get enough credit imo. Transmog.
    MoP - Return to the world, adventurous feel, world bosses

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    BC: BT (illidan only)
    WTL: ICC
    Cata: Transmog
    MoP: quests

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    BC - Trials of the Naaru & Hand of A'dal questlines
    Wrath - Lich King Story
    Cata - Old World Revamp
    MoP - So much stuff to do at 90

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    BC- Flying Mounts
    Wrath - Ulduar
    Cata - T11 content
    MoP - AOE looting. Sure you don't notice it now, but going from the beta to live without it made live feel dreadful.

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    So many good things from each expansion, it's so hard to choose.. so forgive me if I name more than one :P

    TBC - Everyone is saying flying mounts.. So I'll say daily quests concept and alliance shamans/horde paladins
    WotLK - LFG system, Dual Spec.. and Real ID!
    Cata - Revamped low level content and reforging
    MoP - Can I say everything? I'm loving it right now
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    Hmm... Tough one.

    TBC - Flying mounts
    WotLK - Achievements
    Cata - Old world revamp
    MoP - Everything except for lack of Bank/AH in Pandaria
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    TBC - Almost everything
    WoTLK - Beast cleave (Yea, fuck mages)
    Cataclysm - It was mostly crap, uhh the integrated quest helper made leveling a joke and tolerable.
    MoP - New BG's so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimord View Post
    Hmm... Tough one.

    TBC - Flying mounts
    WotLK - Achievements
    Cata - Old world revamp
    MoP - Everything except for lack of Bank/AH in Pandaria
    agree with all of yours except MOP. Best thing so far is there is so much to do

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    TBC - raids not being 20/40 man and JC. I like gemming my gear. /shrug
    WOTLK - Dual spec. That was so needed.
    Cata - Flying everywhere. Old world really needed the revamp.
    MOP - Monk, Monk, Monk, and Monk. I love my monk so much...

    I also agree that blizzard should not be praised for transmog. I recently saw they said they didn't even know how successful it would be. They are that dense. They completely ignored a feature everyone I know has wanted since Vanilla and other games had it already so all they had to do was copy it.

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    TBC: The content of Outland, the atmosphere and feeling of being in another world.

    Wotlk: Nordic theme, I was a "fan" of nordic mythology as a kid and knew lots about it. Have to say seeing Freya and the rest as NPCs/bosses made me die on the inside a bit, though.

    Cataclysm: Transmogrification.

    MoP: Same as TBC, Pandaria is so beautiful.

    I love the people here who say that quests are their favorite things in MoP! Most of the people I encounter hates it and everything that takes time in this game, I'm starting to think that about 90% of everyone I come across in this game has picked the wrong genre. They play an MMORPG but hates the RPG part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimord View Post
    Hmm... Tough one.

    TBC - Flying mounts
    WotLK - Achievements
    Cata - Old world revamp
    MoP - Everything except for lack of Bank/AH in Pandaria
    There is actually a bank in the vale of eternal blossoms, I've used it a couple times. Transmog place too.

    TBC: Server wide progressive daily questing area(Isle)
    WOTLK: Showdown with LK on the top of the world and him actually killing you was so badass to me.
    Cata: Questing and world revitalization.
    MoP: So much to do...
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    The first is not an xpac, but I'll add it anyway:

    Vanilla: Scope
    TBC: Raids
    Wrath: Wrapping up WC3
    Cata: Old World Revamp
    Mists: Quest Progression

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    BC: The alienish/doom-and-gloomy-feeling
    WotLK: Story
    Cata: Nothing really
    MoP: Gear looks
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    Classic: The game was new, and so everything was like ..... woah that is so awesome
    TBC: Horde got paladins
    WotLK: Wrathgate questline/event
    Cataclysm: World revamp
    MoP: so much to do, don't need to do all of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Evilmaniac View Post
    MoP - AOE looting. Sure you don't notice it now, but going from the beta to live without it made live feel dreadful.
    I don't know what kind of ungrateful rat bastard doesn't notice aoe looting. I notice it every time I loot. Every single time I loot and loot more than one mob at once, I think, god that is so great that I don't have to loot all of them individually. Every time. I used to not even loot mobs, but now that I can loot them all at once, I loot them all the time. And, every time, I'm like, oh god that is awesome. Whenever I kill just one mob and loot it, I think, why didn't I kill more so that I could experience more amazing aoe looting? Whenever I see a mob I can loot in a dungeon, I loot it. Before, I never would, but now I know if there are any other loots I can loot, looting that one mob will loot them and that makes looting that one mob I see sparkling worth it.

    I'm not kidding about every time. I'm aoeing stags in Jade Forest to skin on my alt right now and every time I loot, I think oh my god imagine if I had to loot each one of these individually.

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    Every expansion has had many good aspects, my list is just my personal favorites.

    The Burning Crusade: Paladins became available to the Horde.
    Wrath of the Lich King: Northrend, the art and design of the zones and instances was great.
    Cataclysm: Reforging.
    Mists of Pandaria: Account-wide mounts/achievements.

    Also, I have to argue against flying mounts being a positive addition to the game. While they are convenient and make questing significantly easier, they remove the player from the game and shrink the world.

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