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    BC: Kara <3
    Wotlk: Ulduar / Double instant poison weapon swap Assa in T9 and start of T10 <3
    Cata: Transmog
    MoP: Account wide things and beautiful areas
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    TBC-flying mounts
    WOTLK-battle of the quest ever
    MoP-questing....actually having fun questing in pandaria...

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    BC - The introduction of Heroics
    WOTLK - The Zombie invasion
    Cataclysm - if finally ended (the expansion that is)
    MOP - Proper Faction reps.

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    TBC: Classic but better.
    WotLK: Arthas!
    Cata: Firelands.
    MoP: Accountwide junk.

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    Vanilla: WoW
    BC: Flight
    Wrath: Achievements
    Cata: Transmog
    MoP: To early to pick one

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    BC: SSC/TK
    Wrath: Phasing
    Cata: Revamped zones
    MoP: Me gonna Ook you in the dooker!

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    Just one?

    BC: beautiful new zones
    Wrath: epic storyline
    Cata: old world revamp
    MoP: scenarios... no wait pet battles... no wait account wide achievements... argh!

    Lots more I wanted to add but could only pick one :S

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    Classic: didn't play
    BC: didn't play
    Wrath: Arthas
    Cata: Transmog
    MoP: Elite Champion rares

    With MoP I could name TONS of other great things.

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    Classic - Chaotic yet (to me) fun imbalance, variety.
    BC - Flying, of course ^_^ 25s/10s as they should be too, in my opinion (25s RAIDING, 10s casual)
    WotLK - Lich King storyline / Achievements
    Cata - probably transmog as most have said - I personally strongly disliked the entire expansion
    MoP - return to a new continent+the fact that it's not Cata

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    Vanilla - WoW was new, and thus incredibly epic. With no player expectations yet, everything was just loose and fun.
    BC - The Isle of QD is undoubtedly my favorite area of the game, ever. So much epic world PvP. Good lore too.
    WotLK - The Lich King and Scourge story is by far the best part of WoW lore. Northrend was awesome, and DKs were a great addition.
    Cataclysm - The only thing I really liked about this expansion was transmogrification. The old world was improved, too.
    MoP - The Horde vs Alliance war is supposedly back, even though the leveling had nothing to do with it.

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    BC: Everything.
    Wrath: Ulduar hard modes
    Cata: Transmog
    MoP: Account Wide mounts/achievements
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    Burning Crusade - female Bloodelves...
    Wrath of the Lich King - LFG-Tool... finding groups was horror, but it also killed community (who needs friends? I go with randoms!)
    Cataclysm - Transmogrification (but due to everyone picking that one - fluid questing from 20-60)
    Mists of Pandaria - Brewmaster...

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    vanilla: New game wow it was awesome
    tbc: Man this game gets better and better
    wotlk: Man i cant wait to kill that arthas cat
    cata: Still lovin the game
    I play many games. WoW, Rift, D3, PoE, SC2 I will not criticize your game choice if you don't mine.

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    TBC: Flying Mounts and Karazhan
    WOTLK: Everything, with the exception of DKs
    Cata: Made making gold easier
    MOP: Easier heroics

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    BC - flying
    WotLK - LFD
    Cata - questing
    MoP - PANDA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    BC - Flying
    WotLK - Northrend in general.
    Cata - Hrm...

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    BC: llidan.
    WOTLK: LFG, Ulduar hardmodes
    Cata: LFR
    Mop: 3 hours Queues and the cinematic

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohshift View Post
    TBC: Flying Mounts and Karazhan
    WOTLK: Everything, with the exception of DKs
    Cata: Made making gold easier
    MOP: Easier heroics
    easier heroics? so why bother having heroics why not just make the normal mode a tini bit harder?

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    TBC: Karazhan
    Wotlk: Achievements
    Cata: Transmog
    MoP: Challenge Modes

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    TBC: Im torn between Arenas and the raidinstances.. all of the raids was simply awesome.
    WOTLK: Achievements! Thou +1 for the questing experience! it was alot more fun then it ever been be4!
    CATA: First raiding teir and rag was awesome. Bossfight mechanics has improved greatly over the years!
    MOP: Challengemodes!!!

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