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    TBC: Flying Mounts (or almost literally anything else from TBC besides arenas)
    WotLK: Death Knights (a tanking class that didn't bore me to tears)
    Cata: Reforging
    MoP: Monks (probably the most fun I've had playing this game since I first played the DK starting zone)

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    BC: island of quel'danas dailly quest/pvp hub
    Wrath: zombie invasion and some dailly quest/pvp hub's
    Cataclym: firelands dailly quest/pvp hub
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    Vanilla - Everything was brand new and I was super excited when I was heading to a new zone and when I did my first instance (deadmines)
    TBC - The look of outlands, 10 man ZA bear mount run, the story,Raids, Isle of Qual'danas, SSC/TK Hand of A'dal quests, Sunwell
    Wotlk - Ulduar, Arthas, questing wasn't to bad either and you had two starting zones.
    Cata - transmog, redone old world with better questing(still miss the old world)
    MoP - Haven't been able to play yet...its gonna be awhile to I think...=(

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    Vanilla: My guild, the raiding, and the effort. That, and the new fealing and actual world pvp and a more alive world.

    TBC: Flying mounts (YES I LIKE FLYING, ALWAYS DID), better overall gameplay, and great PVE/PvP system.

    WOTLK: Good overall story/atmosphere for many parts trough hole exspansion aswell as decent enough raiding.

    Cataclysme: Sorry but Its such a cleeche by now, but Tier11. Some parts of Firelands was great aswell, but nothing else sticks out. Overall Cataclysme for me wasent much good.

    MOP: Nothing for me sticks out so far. Taking a break, and I'll be back later. So far its just more of completely the same (Even the new achivements feels completely the same etc), NOW WITH DAYLIES!!!111 to slow you're progress down, so Blizzard dont haft to make patches fast.
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    BC: Heroics
    WotLK: All raids having 10/25 modes
    Cata: Revamped world
    MoP: Everything

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    BC - Hard heroics

    WotLK - Ulduar

    Cata - Transmog

    MoP - Pet Battles

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    Vanilla: Immersion, the world felt REALLY huge and travelling from IF to SW for the first time was so epic.
    TBC: Arenas got me into serious PvP.
    WoTLK: Ulduar, my favourite raid so far, amazing lorewise and loved the fights.
    Cata: Transmog.
    MoP: Everything so far, seems to be a nice mix between Vanilla, TBC and WOTLK.
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    BC: Draenai
    Wrath: Dungeon Finder
    Cata: Old World Flying
    MoP: Pet Battles

    I have more than one per xpac, they were just the first that popped to mind.

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    BC - PvP didn't seem to have as much whining and complaining as it does now.
    Wrath - PvE, Wrath Heroics were great for grinding, I liked the Ulduar style hardmodes as well as achievements
    Cata - Making 10s and 25s shared lockout and loot. No more being penalized with inferior gear simply because you don't have the logistical support for 15 other people to raid with.
    MoP - everything

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    Classis - IDK.
    TBC - Started here so i guess idk.
    WoTLK - Fun easy raids, not as bad as LFR though.
    Cata - First raids were awesome then everything went to shizzle.
    MOP - Not gonna play.

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    BC: Nagrand
    Wrath: Argent Tournament
    Cata: Revamped Azeroth
    MoP: Pandaria

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    Vanilla : Slick responsive combat compared to any other mmorpg
    BC : Progression, few/fair nerfs
    LK : Ulduar/harmodes
    CATA : LFR
    MOP : Talents

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    BC: good raids, mostly
    LK: idk, DK's?
    Cata: it had a dragon on the box?

    noticing a trend...

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    Classic: Epic class quests, world bosses, brand new storylines (e.g. Silithids)

    TBC: psychedelic artwork, bi-faction world city, Treant/flight/moonkin form for druids, Beautiful recolors of gear, flying mounts, picked up story arcs from WCII and WCIII, Skettis (a shout out to the Dark Crystal,) creepy creatures like flayers, ravagers, sporebats and nether rays

    Wrath: Dungeon Finder, Closure on WCIII lich king story line, music, Death knights, dual spec.

    Cata: lots and lots of Thrall (that sexy green jesus), class specs, Goblins/Worgen, MP5 eliminated and spirit made a default regen stat, spirit made useless to warlocks and mages, Tauren Paladins and Priests, Vashjir zone art, Transmog/Rerforge, LFR

    Mists: revamped talents (instant talent swap), fixed mana pools, Gear itimization is now logical and ratioanal, LFR loot is now fair (if less fruitful), beautiful world zone artwork, a neutral race
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    TBC: Kara
    Wotlk: The Scourge (in general)
    Cata: Transmog
    MoP: Still waiting.

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    TBC: Raids (still my favorite)
    WotLK: LFD (made my life a lot easier)
    Cata: Azeroth revamp. (as someone whos been playing WoW since 2004 beta, I loved seeing the zones evolve and quests get a make over)
    MoP: Monks (Even though Monks are currently underpowered and require work, I've always loved the Monk class. It was my main and favorite class in both EQ1 and EQ2, I always go Monk whenever they are available. I love and practice martial arts, and I love classes that do the same)
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    Since I started in BC I will go from there from what I personally found food about each one.

    BC - For me it was a totally new adventure, I loved everything about it and I loved the female Draenei straight away and I still have her! My first character, a paladin I think the dungeons and raids were fantastic. Shadowmoon Valley... I fell in love with the zone and even now I enjoy questing there so much. I've had many memories there I will always remember with friends.

    WOTLK - ICC, I loved the hell out of it. It's when I started to become good at WoW as I was somewhat slacky when I started, but here is where I really started to bloom. Though Northerend was pretty "meh", but Howling Fjord made up for it, one of the best questing zones in the game.

    Cataclysm - Transmog, I would like to say more but I honestly didn't enjoy it.

    MoP - Is where I ended my subscription, not because of the game but because of my full time job :/ From what I have to say about it so far is the scenery is beautiful, The Jade Forest at night is fantastic, love it!

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    TBC - Raiding

    WOTLK- the lore

    Cata- didnt play too much cata, but the one teir i did raid it was pretty fun.

    MoP- Pandas/lore
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    tBC - pretty much everything..
    WotLK - Ulduar
    Cata - Questing
    MoP - Ehh.. nothing so far.

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    WoW - Holy shit this world is huge.

    TBC - Standing in front of a boss you've worked your ass of just to get to was always a great feeling.

    WotLK - Ulduar; best quest design at the time.

    Cata - The changes to the old world returned my enjoyment of leveling.

    Pandaland - New account wide features. Jury is still out on the actual content

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