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    To panda or not to panda...

    At the moment I am an orc warrior.. and tbh for pvp the racial from the pandas just seems too good to pass up.. so change to panda or not?

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    Alts are pretty cool things....Lets you have both!
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    It's not that great. Undead would be worth switching to but not a panda

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    Id say go panda because they are awsome!

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    You are an orc warrior and you want to know if you should go pandaren so you get another cc ability?
    As far as I know warriors have so much cc already I don't even understand they still have time to deal damage.

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    Do EET! Once you go bla... Panda, You won't go back!
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    lets be honest. 4k AP is pretty poor atm. The extra CC will always help .. even though their fight animations are horific :/

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