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    Need help with new build

    Hello, I am trying to put together a budget build and I need some help. I already checked out the sample builds and I am still a bit confused.

    The main thing I want to do with this build is play WoW, primarily raiding. I would like to be able to raid in 10 mans or 25 mans and be able to do battlegrounds that have 40 people in them. High settings would be preferable.

    I don't have any parts that I can reuse except that I do have Windows 7.

    I need the parts for the entire computer, plus a keyboard, mouse, headset and monitor. I am trying to spend around 700-800 dollars, less if possible. I just want to be able to play all aspects of WoW on medium-high settings with no lag (raids, big bgs, major cities, ect).

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    With MoP in mind I'd recommend a GTX 660, 3570k along with an aftermarket cooler (4.1-4.3GHz OC) and 2x4GB RAM. If there's money still, get a 128GB SSD and enjoy fast loading times.

    With that budget the above can be a bit tough. See if you can find a 2500k for a bit cheaper, a GTX 460 or perhaps even a really cheap GTX 560 Ti (>$180). Still 2x4GB RAM. Skip the SSD if you are short on cash - all it does is speed up loading times. Random $100 monitor, Logitech G400 and Microsoft Sidewinder X4.

    If the above is still too much, I'd start to pull in on some points. A Pentium G2120, still with a GTX 460 and 2x4GB RAM. Cheap(er) H77 motherboard along with the peripherals above.

    It's a slim budget for a whole package, but I hope the above helped. Check out builds 4 and 5 ("Extreme Budget Gaming 470" and "Budget Gaming 560") here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-Sample-Builds

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    Would those budget builds from ur guide handle wow on high/ultra even in 25 mans or 40 man bgs??

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