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    Weak auras -Mage- Tier 6 talents


    I'm looking to make 3 weak auras whici show me when i has to:
    1. recast Evocation for Invocation
    2. recast Rune of power
    3. recast mage ward

    Now the problem is considering they are somehow bound to evocation, they show up even i didnt pick specific tier talent. As example when i has Rune of power chosen then : need evocation for invocation also shows up.

    Auras are made generaly like this:
    Trigger 1- is buff on me
    Trigger 2 - if Evocation , Mage Ward or Rune of Power are usable (action usable or inverted Spell Cooldown)

    Now question : How can i make the auras not show up when their tier talent isnt chosen???? When i have Rune of Power i want to see just it's warning not Evocation also....

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    This is a load option, just turn on Load->Talent Chosen->90 - 1/2/3 (1 = invocation, 2 = rune of power, 3 = incanter's ward).

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    Great didnt noticed that there is a new update from WeakAuras which includes that feature TY <3

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