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    Engineering 575 to 600

    Any tips for levelling 575-600 for eng? Many recipes require spirit of harmony. The product of those that dont sell for very little.

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    Darkmoon Fair now - for a free +5

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    I just made a ton of thermal anvils after going on a mining spree.

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    if you don't wanna use SoH's you might wanna do anvils, will take alot of Ore though.
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    Well... Lets say I wont need to move another yard to find an anvil or a forge. Ever.

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    I just made thermal anvils til they went gray, then I made G19 landshark to 600.
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    You can make Thermal Anvils, but you'll need about 600 Ghost Iron Ore for those skill points. Best to just make a few Spirit of Harmony items. They give 5 skill points each.

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    I made a few spirit of harmony items + anvils but you can just do loads of anvils and take it from there.

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