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    Getting to Gold - Warrior Tips & Tricks for Challenge Modes

    I would like to start a thread where we gather tips and tricks on how warriors can be successful in challenge modes (both tank and dps).

    Any tips you can share based on instance, mob, ability or other could be greatly helpful for others.

    I have not started challenge modes yet myself so I better do not post anything based on guessing.

    The only tip I can give for now is:
    Using Intimidating Shout with the Glyph can be used as a spell interrupt of spells that cannot be kicked. This works on any target that can be feared.
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    Would appreciate it if someone could enlighten me as to what packs people should skip (outside of the obvious ones).
    I can't really think of any special tricks sadly
    One question, though: Is invis potion really necessary to reach gold? Heard some of the top guilds used it, not sure if true.

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    Have only achieved silver on Gate of the Setting Sun so I can't comment on the other ones, but I assume that most of the abilities I went with will be useful elsewhere.

    Prot - I tanked this place so will only speak from a prot standpoint.

    1) Shockwave, shockwave, shockwave. Such a useful ability which not only gave me aoe threat on packs where we didn't cc, but also the stuns/interupts reduced my damage significantly allowing our healer to regen/dps.
    2) I found enraged regen to be a better cd than impending victory or second wind as I wouldn't find myself low enough for SW to really make a difference, and ER helped smooth out the healing just a tad more than IV.
    3) I did the place trying out Piercing Howl vs. Disrupting Shout and found that although DS was awesome for another interupt on the casters which really really hurt, I was missing my kiting action from PH on the massive melee packs. We were running with a slightly undergeared healer and fairly low on tank CDs both internal/external to take massive pulls but no melee so we ended up doing a strange piercing howl and kite strategy to aoe down the big melee packs. I found that eventually taking bloodbath with disrupting shout made our lives easier at the end of the day though.
    4) Mass spell reflection seemed lackluster in this dungeon since the other thing I could really use it for was one of the two windwalker's (I think the name was) abilities. This only targeted me, while his other cast was an aoe cone ability. Useless *only in this dungeon*
    5) Safeguard, likewise fairly useless *only in this dungeon* as the only damage my party members were taking was all avoidable (i.e. bombs, cone aoe from the trash, poison/fire from the bosses. Even on the second boss, where he picks up a random member and uses Hunt Prey or w/e that ability that does ~400k damage, I found myself unable to cast safeguard on him. Vigilance however, proved to be useful here as multiple add packs while range aoeing might have a loss of threat. Also, the adds on the second and third bosses proved that vigilance helped maintain threat on them if mocking banner was down.
    6) I tried a mixture of the last tier abilities and found that with disrupting shout, bloodbath seemed to do the trick since it not only helped with aoe threat while kiting, but also kept their movement speed down. Stormbolt also seemed fairly useful since most of the add packs only had one caster = 1 extra interupt/stun. Avatar I found to not be as useful in this dungeon (but would be awesome somewhere else if it gave us stun immunity like going DK undead - can anyone say no more kiting to mogu'shan palace shankers? But that would make us too op )

    I didn't tinker much with my standard PvE glyphs, but I did put in enraged speed since we needed to move quick through the instance, which also helped with add kiting. I also used the intimidating shout one to help keep mobs in place for aoe after the fear interupt.

    Bosses: (I forget their names so just going to list in the order they come)
    1) Easy peasy boss, just do your standard avoidance of the bombs and everything should be just fine. We pulled the big melee add right before the boss and cleave/multidotted him down with the boss so I ended up using defensive CDs on him.
    2) His hunt prey ability seemed to do ~400k damage over 5 seconds to a random dps so make sure the healer throws at least 1 decent sized onto the person and they shouldn't die. Safeguard did NOT work to help the damage on this target, but I did use rallying cry to boost his HP to prevent a death if the healer was slow. Otherwise, stay out of fire/poison, and I ended up using mocking banner/vigilance on the first/second add waves when the boss is strafing to ensure I could pick them up quick enough for the dps to zerg them down. I don't know if the healer was just being bad or not, but the boss' adds do a fair amount of damage if not killed quickly so I recommend your dps burst them down.
    3) Have your dps and healers stack on the right side of the wall where the adds pop up. Unless it's a dps increase on the boss, I recommend only single targeting the boss instead of aoe-ing. The reason I say this is because in challenge mode, you need the boss' channeled cleave ability to hit and kill all his adds, including the saboteur which has an insane amount of hp. If you all stack on the right wall, the adds will naturally run towards the healer for heal aggro and get automatically killed by the boss. Easy peasy.
    4) Just do this boss exactly how you do heroic, send 2 people up to kill the weak spot, 1 range on bottom to nuke the tornado spawning adds in the air, kite boss during fixate, ..., profit.

    We had a hunter for aspect, but no rogue for skipping packs, in this dungeon there's really only about 1.5 pulls you can skip to meet the minimum requirement of mobs killed. So, for gold you may need the invis pots but for silver at the least it's not required. Hint, make use of mobs reseting when you hop on elevators - similar to the strat used during the blizzard vs. blood legion mogu'shan competition.
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    What Ive felt to be incredible important as a DD is to rotate your lockdown cooldowns well. Disrupting Shout, Shockwave, Mass Spell Reflection, Pummel, Heroic Throw (glyph of gag order), Charge etc.

    Most of them are off the GCD so it wont reduce your dps. They also cost no rage.

    You should work with focus target and /cast [target=focus] abilities.

    Also glyphed intimitation shout is also very important as mentioned.

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