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    Feng the Accursed bug

    Anyone else noticing a bug with the crystals?

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    Possibly. I'd like a confirmation. My group's tanks were having trouble clicking at the beginning.. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't.. I think.. But then we realized one of our tanks was just bad

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    You mean where one of the crystals isn't clickable to one (or both) of the tanks?
    My MT couldn't click the crystal that gave him the barrier ability. It seems to be a bug with -everything- in the game, where for some reason, a mob or quest item becomes unclickable to you.

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    Restart your client it should be fine. It is a known bug with some usable objects in the game.

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    You can test by clicking on a feast, and if you can't, logout and back in real quick.

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    It happens to me from time to time. Other people have trouble with clicking feasts or repair bots.
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    Yup we were seeing this constantly with one person or another throughout the raid. From feasts, to soul wells, and finally to tanks with the feng buffs

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