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    Mind spike or procs on Elegon 10 man normal

    what should a priest be doing on the charges that come out from the boss?should it be mind spike spam or dots then use procs? also how many can/should a priest help kill if he finds it easy 2 kill 1 charge himself using either method of killing 1?.

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    We killed it yesterday in 25 man with 7+5 waves/stacks, with both our shadowpriests dotting up the adds and mostly mind flaying them (for some reason, I'm thinking); took us quite a lot of attempts but at the end we did get all 7 waves in the first phase and managed to get him down.
    If you have a DK in your group, tell him to glyph pestilence and pop either a blood boil with roiling blood (Blood or Unholy I'm thinking) or pestilence if Frost, having both diseases on all energy charges helped a lot (dps wise and having "Physical Vulnerability" on all), and both our DKs were top damage on energy charges by so much it's not even funny.

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    Dot one or two orbs you won't be focused on then spam your mind spike on your orb target and cast insta mind blasts when you can and in emergency situations use a 2 orb DP if you must to kill your orb. I personally spam mind spike and use MB and halo if it's off cool down.

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    if you have 2 MS proc'ed or 2/3 orb dp you dont need to dot spark, ms>ms>mb>maybe mf>sw;d = dead spark, if you have one or none dot your spark and beg for help ^^
    btw using dp on sparks is your "oh,shit" button, more dmg on boss = better

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    In 10man we were aiming to kill 5 waves and I saved spike procs I got inbetween the 3rd and 4th for the 4th wave and used DP on the 5th(soloing an orb). The first 3 I just dotted and MB/MFed.

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    Took FDCL for this fight. Before charges spawn I kept boss dotted up hoping for procs and saving them for when the spark spawns.

    However, I was also thinking of taking mindbender and save it for 4th or 5th wave, tried it actually but on occasion it reached the charged reached its destination. Regardless we managed to kill it, when I chose FDCL.

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    Did 10N last night. 2 tanks, 2 healers, 6 DPS (of which 2 shadow priests).
    We both kept the boss DoTed for procs and spammed Mind Spike and Mind Blast on the charges. Finishing with SW;D ofc.

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