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    Reflect damage, what type?

    So far the only affix I seem to have big problem with is reflect damage (regular damage input is either dodgeable or low enough given my current gear/AR/armor/ lifesteal/loh).

    I've considered getting Loh items on ring or neck (very expensive) or get extra all res/armor, (also expensive) , but i've been wondering what type of damage reflect damage is.

    I've read somewhere (but with no evidence) that the spell that get reflected define the type of damage you receive. That means that if I do mostly arcane damage I can get very cheap arcane resist on my gear to reduce the reflected damage?

    Anyone tested that/ or got a link to a post to someone who did?

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    Diablo Wiki says it's physical damage but I didn't test that myself. What you can do is test it with a Monk that has one with everything passive. This means he already has gear which contains one type of resistance (mostly). He can cast an attack of that type with the passive on and with the passive off. If he gets the same amount of damage then the type of damage you deal doesn't matter. Unfortunately I don't have a high level monk to test this myself.

    I don't think focusing your gear around Reflect Damage is the way to go. Get some Life Regen (1k+) and Life Leach and/or LoH and you should be fine. I mean when you see your HP to go down just stop attacking I don't see how it can be a problem. Use a potion or just wait a bit. There are far more easier ways to deal with it than changing your whole gear.
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    I don't intend to change my whole gear at once, it's just that for most items, random single resist are not impacting prices at all, lets say you get a legendary item, getting vitality as a random roll will make it cost billions, getting thorn damage/health globe healing will make it cost a few millions. As I can't afford the best roll anyway, if resist arcane is helping why not?

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    Well, if you add All Resistance on top of that then ok but having 800 arcane resistance and 0 (or very low) of the rest won't get you anywhere.
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    Yup obviously that wouldn't be instead but as a bonus,

    I can't get 800 all res currently so instead I can get 500 all res and 800 arcane resist, or 500 all res 800 physical resist.

    The question remain , what damage type is the reflected damage, is it sharing the type of the damaging spell, is it physical? does it depends on your weapon damage type?

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    An option for Reflect damage mobs is a weapon switch.

    Carry a lower dps weapon with good LoH numbers. A 700-800 Dps decent attack speed weapon with 800 LoH and a socket should only cost 500k. It will make for slower killing of those mobs because it will decrease your character DPS a lot but the lower damage means lower reflect damage and also with the loh you should be able to spam hit or spam shoot. (dunno class)

    I know it slows the kill down but it's only when you get a reflect damage mob so it shouldn't delay you too much.

    Just an option as it might be easier to carry one weapon around for a switch rather then redo whatever gear you were thinking of doing.

    edit: on topic to OP I am not sure what type of damage it is so can't help in that way.

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