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    Joining hc dungeons as disc DPS (focus on dps rather than healing)

    I have allways been fond of disc dps, I started out playing in in BC, focusing on dps rather than healing, and having amazing dps.

    So i was thinking, i would like some response from any role what you would say if a disc DPS priest joined your hc group.
    I searched the forums and didn't find any threads about this question.

    If i manage to pull DPS that is comparable to other dps classes (I am still working on leveling my priest for the actual dps i can pull), would you mind it even though it is unorthodox?
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    I personally wouldn't really care. Would you be queueing as a DPS or a healer?

    If you queue as a healer, so long as nobody dies then I'm happy.

    If you queue as a DPS, so long as you do comparable DPS and stuff dies then I'm happy.

    Saying this as a tank, btw.

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    Frankly, I avoid calling out people's talent / spec choices until they're a problem. So if I see you running as a disc dps and a) your dps isn't out of line too far (~5% diff) and b) you're not taking massive amounts of damage or dying all the time - you're fine by my book Run as a resto shammy tank if you want, as long as I don't get aggro or have to waste my mana pool on every trash pack :P

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    If you queue only as dps, and your dps is comparable, then no one should care. I wouldn't if I were tanking anyway.

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    I'd find it interesting. If it does halfway competitive dps, why not? If the spec's dps proves to be lackluster though, you might get some flak from people.

    I personally wouldn't care for as long as it isn't the reason for a wipe. Actually, I care very little about which classes and specs the people that I'm healing have - for as long as it's a halfway smooth run.

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    If you manage to pull out the 40-50k+ everyone else is i'd have no problem.

    I dont actually know if pugs pull 40-50k+. I geared up with a guild group. Anything lower than 35k tho i think would bother me.. Saying as a tank

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    Honestly, I doubt I'd notice as the tank. Wouldn't mind. If you meet the damage need, then have at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunarath View Post
    If you manage to pull out the 40-50k+ everyone else is i'd have no problem.
    thanks for the loughz. ^^

    the majority of randoms are not able to pull out more than 20 - 30k.

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    i play a disc priest as well, and tend to atonement heal a lot in 5 mans as it is, as a healer if u joined i mite get annoyed as they're silly easy anyway, you'd make me redundant i guess =p

    but from all other points of view, as long as your dps is comparable i'm not fussed.

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    If you manage to pull the same numbers as the other dps, that's fine. Why not?

    I for my part leveled another priest to 85 in the weeks before MOP, and quickly realised I would do more DPS as disc than shadow (although that was before the low level penance hotfix). So I started queuing as dps first, and changed that to healing, because there is no dungeon to 85 where there would be enough damage to even cut through my divine aegis.

    No idea about lvl 90 heroics and disc, though. My monk healer cannot sustain healing by damage, because he runs quickly out of mana in this early stage of the expansion. Perhaps a disc is in a better place there.

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    On my enh shaman i right now pull 43k dps in ilvl 464.
    I mean queue as dps.
    If i don't do comparable dps i would ofc reconsider myself because i don't like to fall behind, but i do like a challenge
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