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    starting from what is the real reason that compels us to go to pandaria? its just an island.
    Alliance end up there looking for Anduin Wrynn that was kidnapped by horde. That's kinda hard to miss, even if you don't read any quest text.

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    Played beta. Didn't care for MOP so it was the first WOW expansion I'm skipping.

    It was like paying monthly for facebook like minigames thats done better elsewhere. So I'm skipping it.

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    The quests are boring, the graphics are really dated now and feel ugly/old, and really it's just more of the same but without as much fun with talents being oversimplified, classes feel so similar, there's WAY too much CC and PVP balance is a mess, it's unplayable garbage.

    Sure WoW has raids, but I've already done raids, for so many years, and so far the raids are nothing new at all, just recycled content.

    But really, what makes me mad is the way WoW still hasn't had a graphical overhaul, it's just so ugly.

    I mean just compare the way things look in WoW compared to GW2:

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    Lol are you kidding with the graphics argument? While they aren't A+, top graphics, they are still very well done, especially in Pandaria. Why would WoW want to overhaul their look and change something that is so very much them? It's not like these other games are doing it better than them....they have over 10 million subs...they next closest doesn't even have 2 obviously they do things right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primernova View Post
    It's 'anallul' actually.

    And I post from vast experience TYVM.
    Thats a vast experience you've got, when LFR came out, everyone had gear better than it, hell Dragon Soul HC was a joke. So no wonder that LFR DS was shit. But is that a vast experience? 1 LFR dungeon released is what you call "vast experience" ? Have you tried LFR MoP raids? I doubt it.

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    It's the best expansion so far. That said, it's still WoW, so if you're bored of WoW then you'll be bored of MoP.

    But if you like WoW, it's utterly fantastic.

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