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    Gearing Up Question

    so I have come back to WoW for Mists (haven't played since ToC WotLK) and have a few questions on gearing up. I remember in Wrath it was like hit max level, run a few high level dungeons and then get into Heroics etc. In vanilla, it was like tier sets from raiding but needed to get the best gear possible from crafting etc to get to the point of revelance (correct me if I'm correct in my spotty memory lol).
    Anyway, if I didn't want to do dailies for rep gear, and I wanted to progress my gear to Heroics and LFR, how would I go about doing this as a Healing Priest? Like, I don't see higher ilvl gear in many of the dungeons (maybe b/c they aren't 90?), and it seems like I either have to keep questing for quest rewards or rep grind.


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    Heroics at 90 gives ilvl 463 gear which is plenty for LFR. You need 460 to enter it so it's just a matter of getting some gear from there. You can use jp for some i458 gear to fill the slots where you don't get any drops

    Also, if you quested in Dread wastes while levelling you should be honored or close to in which case you can get an epic neck. Though you get an epic neck from getting one of the factions to exalted too, i think its lotus but not sure
    This is absolutely the attitude and language that, in this community, needs to go sit in the corner for a while. If you can't stand the thought of there being multiple difficulty tiers of content -- into which we pour a lot of our development efforts -- to make raiding feasible for more than 2% of players, hit Heroic mode, turn on vent, and repeatedly remind your friends how good you are. I have no doubt they care

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    Sounds good, a few questions since I've been out for awhile lol:

    1. What's the easiest/best way to get JP? And isn't the epic necklace for Klaxxi from Valor (and Valor is from heroics?)?

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    You get JP from every boss you kill in the heroics, which when done on a random gives you valor. You can also get valor from daily quests (Tillers/Klaxxi/etc) and from raid boss's

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