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    Everything will balance out at 90

    Where are you now ignorant believers?
    You flamed us, you laughed at us and you sad "It's beta you troll!"
    Where are you now?
    Oh, you're among the enlightened?
    Well that's just swell...

    *Flame mode activate*

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    As balanced as WoW PvP has ever been.

    I still enjoy it.

    Now shoo troll shoo!

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    over the years you will learn its never going to be balanced,the best thing to do is to have all classes at max level which isn't very hard nowadays and each time your specs gets gutted you can switch to something decent or even the destroying fotm class/spec of the expansion.

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    This early in any season there will be wildly differing gear distribution. Once everyone gets their Honor gear sorted out, and settle into the changes we'll see. I haven't seen a whole lot of imbalance so far.

    It's hard to take an OP like this one seriously, but I feel that things have been well done by Blizz.

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    It isn't balanced but to a certain extent it doesn't matter. The good players will make it work with whatever class they play.

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    People weren't ignorant, they were secretly HOPING it would be balanced out at 90. I was one of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ineko View Post
    As balanced as WoW PvP has ever been.

    I still enjoy it.

    Now shoo troll shoo!

    Oh you.

    Have you even done pvp at all yet? Maybe you missed where all hybrid classes can just spam heal themselves and become immortal, or that healers are doing similar damage to dps? Yeah right, play a dk or a rogue or something (rogues don't have it AS bad) then say it's balanced.

    Also @ OP: people like telling themselves it will be balanced at lvl x, it will never happen. They probably never played the cata beta or wotlk beta where people said the exact same thing and look what happened there.
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    shamans are so balanced! i mean casting 8 lava burst on me ? why the hell not right ?
    Ayy, it's me dude, the one and only.

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    All the selfheals is killing pvp. Dps shouldnt be able to heal, shielding is ok thou!!!!!!!

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    Can't see how this is constructive at all.

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