I've returned to the game after a few years of absence, and I've run into an issue with setting up Bartender the way I used to play. I'm hoping someone here can help me out with this.

I'm used to only having 2 bars visible on my screen: bar 1 and bar 6. Bar 1 has enabled state configuration, allowing for actionbar paging and stances. The problem I'm having is with controlling which bars bar 1 can page to. Bar 6 is visible to me at all times, so I don't want to have it show up in my bar 1 paging.

How do I remove bar 6 from paging on bar 1?

I should note that I've only got this problem with my druid and not my monk, even though I've copied the profile of that character.

Thanks in advance

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No one can help me out with this? :(