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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunmonkey90 View Post
    None, you will eventually run out of ammo... Katana all the way ^^,

    But if I had to choose...

    I would like to Dual Wield the Space Marine Bolters Accurate, handy, small, one handed... And delivers a punch as a Sniper Rifle combined with a Shotgun.. Yummy...
    Anyone familiar with Warhammer 40k know how awesome they look.. And how awesome they are, in general..

    Too lazy to put in a pic.
    There is no way you are dual wielding these things.....

    A Katana is much too flimsy to be a good long term weapon either, use a crowbar instead.

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    if i would use a firearm from anny universe i'd use iridium weapons from borderlands 2, something in the range of a SMG or assault rifle. but if where talking real life guns, i'd go with a coilgun, it's fairly lightweight, simple ammo which you can manufactor yourself, with the olny backdraw of using batteries, tho a small raid on a supermarket would fix both your ammo and battery issues :P
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    Clearly a spud gun is the superior Zombie killing weapon.

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    No one mentioned this yet... really surprised thought the thread would be full of them... hashtag first!

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    Skip to about 1:00 for the good part. I'd like to see any zombies (or...well, really just about anything) try fucking with me if I had one of those.

    edit: woops, just read the OP again... "from any game"

    In that case I would go with the BFG-9000 from Doom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    WH40k lasgun

    Hits like a truck, next to no recoil, and extremely reliable. This thing will never break, you can also recharge the power packs using a variety of methods, including solar power or even just putting them on a fire.
    idk, they call them flashlights for a reason. If I wanted something out of the WH40k universe, I'd pick something like a gauss flayer.

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    I'l take the tesla trooper suit from C&C red alert.

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    Water Gun.
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    Id take the krysae sniper rifle from me3 before they nerfed it.

    "The Krysae's scope uses a rangefinder that adjusts to keep the target in proper proportion to the shooter, which comes in useful when the sniper is forced into close range. Its specialized ammunition is both armor-piercing and explosive." Its a sniper rifle that shoots explosives!

    You would be able to sit on top of a building and just shoot zombies and kill the others from the splash dmg. More would come to the site of the explosion because of the sound and be turned into zombie juice. With infinite ammo you could probably clear a major city in a couple weeks.

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    I can't believe nobody's mentioned it yet....

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