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    very annoying bug with my new PC, please help.

    so you know when you are typing your essay or scrolling on the Internet and suddenly windows update or skype informs you of some BS? you know how annoying it is to not notice that keep typing until you realize that that the page you were on was no longer 'active' so everything you typed pretty much never registered?

    now imagine this happens at random, without me touching anything or ANY pop-ups happening.
    well thats not strictly true, this only happens when I seem to touch the keyboard.

    This keyboard did not come with a driver and I installed the latest drivers/updates from windows.
    for the love of god help me, while typing this short message I got interrupted 5 times.
    now imagine I have to type an essay.

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    It's a little vague in the description, but I would try the following. You can turn off windows update messages by going to the following Start Button\Control Panel\System and Security\Action Center. Also skype probably has some settings to control this feature. If this happens completely randomly and you think it happens with certain keys used, google "disable windows hot keys" and make sure no shortcut keys are accidentally running.

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