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    These two always get me.

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    Funny enough, lately this song always cheers me up.

    Radiohead - Let Down

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    For me it has to be this one. For me it has a very... dull and depressing meaning to it, reminds me of someone I would... like to forget. But can't.

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    as an anime fan, i have to go with this one.

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    This song, I gives such a heavy feeling.

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    This is saddest song. Where is it, I can just not find it. How did it get there? I cry myself to sleep every night because it is there and I can not find. Very depressing
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    Has to be this hands down. The life and time of great beetle, he's as bad as can.

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    These two come to mind as they always get my emotions rolling.

    (black metal, fair warning)
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    For my own personal reasons, this haunts me~

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    I like to hear the song Without You when i unhappy,It's a depressing Song,I always hear it without car games for kids sometimes.

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    I See A Darkness - Bonnie Prince Billy
    Listen to it with headphones on, a very, very, very depressing song
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    When The Wild Wind Blows by Iron Maiden

    It's a song about how the news would brainwash people during the Cold War into thinking that the apocalypse was coming. The part that gets me is that stuff like this actually happened.

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    Won't let me post links since I just made this account... but...

    Alice in Chains: Unplugged: Nut Shell, and Down in a Hole

    Single saddest song I've ever heard:

    Kansas: Dust in the Wind. It's probably my favorite song that I hate listening to, because it depresses the hell out of me.

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    You can hear every bit of pain and suffering in the singing.

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    No words here, just tears...

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    This would have to be it for myself, for personal reasons of course.

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    Would I sound too bitter if I posted Owl City + Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Good Times (Every night's a good night)', because it reminds me how boring my life currently is?
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    I can't believe I forgot this one:

    Maybe it was too much and my brain blocked it out. D'=

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    Quote Originally Posted by raintrees View Post

    if you can listen to this song without thinking about abused and neglected animals you're a stronger person than I.
    I listened to at least 75% of the song and felt absolutely nothing. ;/

    Am I a bad person?

    For my contribution, it's probably the video linked below for me, though both Reznor's original and Johnny Cash's Hurt (latter linked earlier in thread) do a number on me too.

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