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    Banquets are useless in raids?

    Hi guys,

    I am a little confused about Banquets, can someone please help me out. I am a prot warrior and so need "Way of the Oven" which I have at 600 skill. When I eat a "Banquet of the Oven", sure enough I get +415 stamina.

    When I eat "Banquet of the Wok" however, even though I am master of MY way, I only get +375 stamina. From what I have read around the net, I understood that as long as I was master of MY way, I would get the +415 stamina regardless of which banquet I eat, is this not correct?

    Can anyone with "Master of the ways" confirm if this is different if you have all 6 ways at 600?

    Finally, if this is working as intended, does that not render banquets useless in raids as only the specific class needing that ways banquet will gain a maximum food buff from it which may only be 3 players and leave the rest of the raid with inferior stats? This seems kind of stupid as it is a raid food.

    I appreciate any help,

    many thanks,


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    I got Master of the Ways Monday, I will check again tonight but last night I ate a Banquet of the Wok and only got 250 int.

    So working as intended, as you are supposed to bring your own 300 stat(or whatever the stam number is) food.

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    Banquets to me are more along the line of cheaper, nastier albeit longer to obtain food. You should be using Feasts on every pull, then your own, major +300 Food on the kill pull.

    Within a 10 Man Raiding Team, if everyone is growing stuff for the feasts, you'll easily have enough for the entire raiding week.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    If you manage to get all 6 ways to 600 skill, you will get the achievement Master of Pandaren Cooking. This will allow you to get 300 stats from Pandaren Banquets, while players without Master of Pandaren Cooking will only get 275 stats from them.
    - Source

    Just read the guide next time
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