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    Engi/Bs dropping BS what to replace it with?

    so my main is a hunter, ive maxed engi and am going to drop BS as the extra sockets arent really worth it anymore.
    i was going to replace it with leather working as im awash with celestials and could craft some good stuff. however inscriptions also looking pretty good and a decent money maker to boot. whats your thoughts?

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    The extra sockets aren't really worth any less or more than they've ever been. In terms of flexible profession perks, BS is on top (though as a hunter, you don't need much flexibility - every profession with straight static stat increases can offer you +320 agi, and that's whats best for you). But if Blizzard decides to stick with the profession-imbalance they did in Cata when epic gems came out, BS will have an edge when epic gems are say, 180agi making BS's bonus 360agi, JC's 280agi, and everything else staying at 320agi as it is now (as they are unaffected by gem changes). But this is all for those with a min-max raider mindset.

    With that said, you must not care about profession perks/not be a min-maxer judging by your post. Inscription should be in a good place for making money, with being the only source for shoulder enchants and lots of people rerolling monks/everything else and needing glyphs. Not too familiar with leatherworking, as it's the only primary profession I don't have amongst all my toons.

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    BS is still the best profession in terms of raiding benefits, and gets stronger later in xpacs when epic gems are released. If your concern is stats on a raiding toon stick with BS.

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