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    Cry more about your arms warrior, plz. That feeds me.
    Lol.. I'm not crying, so... starve to death!!!

    I know my class have to be tuned down as it is.

    Second wind needs a CD.
    Shock wave must be top 2 seconds stun.
    Gag order must be changed: maybe silencing only if a spell is interrupted
    Mass Spell reflect: must require shield
    Taste for blood is broken, need a redesing
    Defensive stance should require shield.
    If Avatar stay as it is: FIrst - shouldn't be used in def stance. Second - should be top 15 s duration and count as enraged. So we won't stack insane +dmg %.

    If that is done, I'm ok.

    And stop crying about your ret pally, makes you look silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woop Woop View Post
    I think it does, kinda like how mages/locks haven't had 1 terrible season
    You have poor judgement then - that just leads to permanent unbalanced gameplay (which isn't far off what we have tbh, but it's a ridiculous situation to want).
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    This has obviously gotten out of hand. I should've seen it coming.

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