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    Are Paladins bad?

    My guild did some tries on stone guards yesterday and the healing done on recount really surprised me. We are healing it with 2 pallies and a druid(me) and I'm healing for 60k hps, which doesn't seem to bad for using a cd rotation and going oom in a few minutes. This would be a bad thing if people weren't dying all over the place while the pallies can't get past 30k hps. Is this because our pallies are doing something wrong or are they not viable anymore?
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    Dunno our hpallly healed over 50k hps on two first bosses in 10man mogushan vaults

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    Paladins are fine, the ones in your guild need to shape up.

    Both of those paladins havnt enchanted, reforged or applied a belt buckle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theiea View Post
    Paladins are fine, the ones in your guild need to shape up.

    Both of those paladins havnt enchanted, reforged or applied a belt buckle.
    This, so much this. From a quick look at their profiles it seems like the 2 pallies haven't got their get enchanted/got their belt buckle and then we look at your profile and you have everything correctly. No wonder you are pulling much more hps! Although I still don't think that they would do 50-60k HPS with a few enchants. I was never a healer so can't say for sure. They just seem like they have to step up their game.

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    Both are usling the brewfest trinket which is quite bad. One of you guildies have reforged to crit and your other guildie havnt even reforged. I would recommend that they change trinket, enchant their gear and reforge to mastery. Also that they look over their glyphs.

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    No reforging/Bad reforging, wrong meta gem, barely any enchants, one is using prot glyphs (seriously?). Just to let you know, Holy Pallies are far from not viable. I've been able to peak at around 70k HPS with a cooldown or 2 on that fight when things get bad and only have a 456 ilvl.

    They need to research their stat priorities (right now it's Spirit/Int/Mastery/Haste/Crit) and actually do some reforging/get enchants. I believe that you also need to talk to them because from what I can tell, they are doing something wrong.

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    We're in overpowered shape.
    One of the pallies doesn't have enchants, and is reforging to crit.
    the second one isn't doing anything with his/her gear.
    edit, yea and you didn't kill the boss so i don't think it counts.
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    No I didn't kill it yet, but people doing 30k hps while everything is going to hell just didn't seem right to me. Thanks for the help so far and I thought they knew what they were doing -.-

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    Our paladins in our guild are normally the top heals I think there kinda op atm with monks lol

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    another option is to bring 2 dk tanks and 2 heal it A blood dk heals himself for 20+k hps avg at that fight.

    On topic paladins are good healers this tier. Shouldn't be much difference between pala and druid or monk hps wise.

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    Hmmm well as a pally i was pulling 30k hps on that fight, so OP seems to be in ball park area.
    ....then again i was prot.

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    Holy Paladins are very strong right now, if played properly ofc. We have 4 healers (no Monk) and we normally rotate, but we just don't bench our Hpala. He's healing is way too OP. So I'm thinking that they're doing something wrong and as others have pointed out, they haven't exactly done anything to prepare for the raids i.e gear not raid ready.

    Prot Paladins are completely broken in terms of dmg and self healing due to the change to their Seals atm. So I'd go with Prot Pala/DK or Bear for sure, so much self healing and so much dmg.

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    They need to reforge and enchant their gear and and start using all their abilities. Hands included. Hand of sacrifice works well if you can juggle your beacon, protection is just awesome for physical damage.

    Paladins do absorbs with mastery now, so look at healing/absorbs combined as well.

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    Just agreeing with those that thing Pallys are OP right now.

    We sat most of our other healers and went with 4x pally + a resto shammy for final boss the other night.

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    This belongs to the Paladin forums I'll transfer this there. Paladins are in very good shape now, I'm generally top or near top every fight.
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    Holy seems to have gotten all the attention when it came to Paladins and they're in a good spot right now. Rets...lost their niche.

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