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    Does anyone feel that TV is too weak at low levels?

    I'm currently twinking in the 20-24 bracket and ret seems like one of the weakest damage dealers in the bracket, their only saving grace is something that any other paladin spec could bring (FoL and HoJ). TV takes more than 14 seconds to build up but the damage it does is rarely higher than 250ish meanwhile Ambush, Mind Blast, Ferocious Bite and others easily do twice the damage without that much ramp up. Even Prot's AS and Holy Wrath do more damage than TV at my level. I think the base damage scaling should be changed so it gains more base damage at lower levels and those gains slow down as you get to higher levels while leaving the final damage unchanged or maybe even buff the weapon damage multiplier. What do you guys think about the matter?

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    I mean, to put it bluntly, low level is low level.

    There is not really much more that can come out of this. TV is based on weapon damage. The higher the weapon damage the higher the TV damage. You also have to consider, even at higher levels, a lot of TV's output is also calculated with Hand of Light (Mastery) damage.

    In short, twinking is long dead. It's something you do to enjoy and own when you can but really not something you can nitpick at or do much about. Unless there are blaring issues either you can never expect Blizzard to do much or change much either.

    In terms of leveling, Ret is quite great, and things flow fine. That's what matters most. Not low level brackets, and that's what will be looked at.
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    TV (and many weapon damage-based attacks) was too strong before they changed the way scaling works. It is now scaled down at low levels, and compensated by having weapons at level 85+ have higher weapon damage.

    As said above, twinking is a specialized hobby enjoyed by a small group of players. It is not for efficiency or dps meters.

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    Does anyone feel that TV is too weak at low levels?
    No, it's as weak as at cap lvl...

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