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    The Best Game Ever

    The best game ever is here! <<<Parenting>>>

    Parenting is an all new RPG game that allows players to experience a world in 3D, participate in Co-Op play, is unique to the player, and is guaranteed to last at least 18 years!

    Play with your child, level it, teach it, make it a part of you!

    Parenting is very expensive, but don't let that deter you! Developers have been hard at work creating an entirely unique play experience for each player! Patches are player specific, and even the experience right out of the box may vary! There is no box fee, just pay as you go!

    It's not all ponies and unicorns though, you will be faced with tough challenges, that are sure to put any true-to-life gamer to the test!

    You will encounter things such as:

    -Dragon Poop
    -The Screams of evil Harpies
    -Spontaneous in-home Tornadoes that disappear before you see them
    -The foods you wish you could eat will be eaten by your Player-personal Child in front of you!

    There are also many challenging boss fights! Some examples include:

    -Not hitting your child across the room when they act out
    -Paying for unseen hospital bills
    -Learning basic healthcare to avoid Boss number 2
    -Buying them a car and trying to afford to keep yours

    Also, if that wasn't enough, there's Co-Op play too! Let your child and another Player's child entertain one another, thus freeing you and your friend to explore more of the world, and participate in non-core Gameplay!!

    Once you level your child to level 18, you will be presented with a perfect example of how well you played Parenting. Results may vary, drastically.

    Developers are hard at work on 2 ALL NEW expansions! "Parenting: Level College" for those who want to keep their experience going in full swing, and "Higher Education: Tradeschool" for Players looking to switch to a more casual experience.

    So waste no more time! Start playing <<<Parenting>>> Today!!!
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    Gave me a giggle :P
    Warriors in PvP are like small hyperactive children in a candy shop made of bouncy castle.

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