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    [A] Monk Tank - Willing to transfer


    I've read through some posts which don't seem to fit my needs (either too elitist/hardcore or too casual/not progressing enough) so I decided to write my own post. I am happy to make a proper application on your website if needed.

    BattleTag is Ritushido#2946

    A little background:

    I quit the game at the start of Cata and played for a free month when LFR first came out before quitting again but prior to the release of MoP I have decided to play once again ny starting fresh with a Monk tank. I feel my current server is quit a dead end with only one decently progressing raiding guild on Alliance (I am not looking to faction change).

    What I am looking for:

    I'm looking for a friendly semi hardcore guild that is not too elitist and doesn't need to wait for a huge nerf to current content before it can be cleared. I'm pretty much available any evening after about 19:00 on week days and anytime on weekends.

    Since I can't post links as a new user you need to look for Baylife on Lightbringer for the armoury.

    What you can expect:

    I am an active player and I like to have a good chat on voip even on non raiding days about anything really. Since I quit at the start of Cata my professions are lacking quite badly currently. On my main I have LW and skinning (so I can level LW) but once I have managed to reach 90 on some of my previous chars I will most likely be switching out skinning for JC.

    Previous raid experience:

    I quit at the start of Cata so I've only ever done one shot at Halfus and cleared LFR DS during my free month.

    TBC I cleared Kara and ZA and was progressing in SSC and TK as a resto Druid.

    WotLK I was playing a prot paladin and cleared Naxx and most of Ulduar before going on a break. Coming back from my break I did ToC / ICC before switching to a prot Warrior and clearing ICC with a few hc bosses.

    Thank you for reading!
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