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    [H] HXC - 10 Man - Chamber of Aspects - Raiding 2d/w - Recruiting.

    HXC are a 10 man raiding guild based on Chamber of Apects. The guild started raiding together back in ICC, but took a long break at the start of tier 13. Many of our core members have returned to the game for MoP and we're picking up raiding once again.

    Our aim is to keep a light but extremely focused schedule in order to clear the new content as quickly and as efficiently as possible. In other words, casual raiding times but with a hardcore attitude; quality over quantity. As such, we will be raiding 2 nights a week (Wed & Mon) from 20:30 – 23:30 server time.


    • T11 – 10/13 Heroic while current, earning us realm 1st by the end of the tier.
    • T12 – 7/7 Heroic while current. (6/7 pre-nerf) Realm 1st Baleroc & Alysrazor Heroic.
    • T13 – Only raided for 2 weeks, clearing Normal, then 2/8 Heroic at 0% nerf, earning us a world rank of #245 at the time we stopped raiding.

    What we can offer:

    • A close, friendly, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in a stable group where many of the players have known each other and been playing together for a very long time.
    • A progression raiding attitude but with a casual schedule; ideal if you’re busy with work or family and other real life obligations, but still want to raid at a high level.
    • A fair loot system in which skill, attendance and attitude are rewarded.

    What we want from you:

    • To know you class inside and out, being able to play your offspec to a high standard should it be required.
    • To take a serious attitude to raiding, to turn up on time and prepared, ready to go for raid start.
    • To be friendly, have a sense of humor and to be able to take some criticism if it comes your way.
    • To have some decent raiding experience and a solid knowledge of game mechanics so you can quickly adapt to new encounters.
    • To play as part of the team, doing what is best for the raid in order to down the boss, rather than your position on the meters.
    • To be able to communicate, have Mumble and a mic and not be afraid to use them.

    Currently Recruiting:

    As we are only just reforming we don’t yet have a full permanent raid team and a number of existing players can be flexible as to which role they can play. We are therefore interested in applications from any and all classes and specs, with a priority on dps and heals. We are of the opinion that the player is much more valuable than the class.

    If you’re interested in joining for a raiding spot or just want some more info, head over to http: / / hxc-coa. enjin .com

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    Bump! Still need a couple more people.

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