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    Blade Lord Ta'yak (Resto)

    Part of our 25 man did a 10 man Heart of Fear on an off-night to get a look at the bosses and we were having some issues with Blade Lord. It took us a bit to figure out the tank debuff because of Intensity and I just want to hear from others if this fight is overtuned or if we were doing something horribly wrong. We had 2 tanks and they would take 2 debuffs each, we couldn't do 1 each because of Intensity, but 2 debuffs would cause melee attacks to do insane damage. Our healers would top the tank off and he'd go down to nearly dead quite often. We we were all in pretty much full 25 man MV (minus loot from Elegon and Will) and the rest LFR and valor/craftables and they were using their CDs often. Now we had 2 Mistweavers and 1 Resto Shaman so extra tank CDs weren't all that plentiful. Is it because of less CDs or that Monks/Shaman aren't great tank healers right now? I was Elemental so I can't say much in healing but I was constantly dropping HST and use AG after Invisible Strike. The tanks just took absurd damage.

    Side note: I'm not looking forward to our 25 man trying to avoid Attenuation on the first boss. You can barely fit 25 people on that platform.

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    We've had no problems with our druid and pally tanks getting oneshot, but that time where they kinda fell asleep and let the druid get a 4th strike.

    Sorry I can't help more, but we didn't have any problems with that. Druid/Pal/Shaman heals.
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    We had that happening. It came down to having the tanks mitigate the attacks with major cds etc.

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