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    Which Fights are you using which bomb?

    Title says it all...go through each fight for MV and tell us what bomb your using!

    So far i have only been through the first 2 fights and i have been using living bomb on both. It dawned on me last night that i prolly should have been using nether tempest on feng right? I am fire spec, and i should use NT for single target, and 2 or more mobs i use LB?

    What bombs have you guys been using?

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    Nether Tempest for every fight, primarily because I'm lazy and don't like refreshing it.
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    Well i just did a couple dummy tests...both actually seem pretty close in terms of single target dps between NT and LB. So i guess its which ever you want? With 2 or more mobs go with LB?

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    Living Bomb on every fight, mainly because letting it fall off, is less of a hassle than refreshing it. NT is too clunky for me, in a raid environment, LB owns all imo.

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    That won't help, since you have to refresh LB as well.

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    I use Frost bomb in any case. This seems to forgive timing mistakes rather than LB or NT hat has to be refreshed at specific time to get the maximun damage. Plus it has slow and doesnt need to be spread or manual aply on targets.

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    NT for every figth, except Elegon. For him I use frost bomb, because with glyphed fireblast you can instant detonate it, dealing 250k+ damage on the sparks (those you have to kill ASAP.).

    Playing arcane, stacking up to 6 charges before pop, target takes a huge amount of damage in a small window of time.

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    3 bosses down so far, playing Fire.

    Stone Guard: Living Bomb. With the Fire Blast glyph I am constantly spreading it to the second target so the double explosion is nice for damage.
    Feng: Living Bomb, only out of habit. Any bomb will work well here.
    Spellbinder: NT. Dotting up all of the adds in the spirit realm does quite a bit of damage and you aren't limited to 3 targets like you are with Living Bomb.
    Spirit Kings: Undecided on which is best. The only place I can see it matter is during the MC.

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    Personally, I use Living Bomb on stoneguards and Nether Tempest on everything else (so far, haven't downed elegon or will of the emperor, yet, but using NT on elegon).
    Now if only they'd fix that fucking sound bug with Nether Tempest, I'd be happy!

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    Frost bomb all day long
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