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    Holy Paladin itemization w/ Crit and no Spirit

    What is the deal with a bunch of the new gear for Holy Paladins that have no spirit and/or often stacked with tons of crit? I saw this often while leveling as Holy with quest rewards, but I just figured Blizz was doing that for people leveling Holy to boost their dps so they could solo grind/quest. But looking at some of the rep vendor and even raid drops, they're still continuing this trend of gear without spirit and lots of crit. Our raid team went in this this week for Mog Vaults, and we definitely are not overflowing with mana; quite the opposite imo. Am I missing something here or is this just their lazy way of adding variety to our item stats?

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    Itemisation isn't supposed to be perfect this early on. Expecting a full set of spirit / mastery gear would be asking too much at end game, let alone in the first tier. Just reforge.

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    They are great pieces of gear if you went for the Glyph of Illumination route of gearing... if that didn't peak so early in usefulness.

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    Quest gear was pretty horrible for all healers. Lack of spirit in the gear was brought up many times but they just ignored it and said "If it doesn't have hit, it is healer gear too" pretty much. So while they were insistent on spirit being important for us, they aren't going to be putting it on all gear.

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    Agree with this, spirit is lacking, but I think they want to make mana conservation something to focus on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pasture View Post
    Just reforge.

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