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    Hit capped and still missing +17% melee swings

    Ok so can anyone tell me why enhance sham miss's that much? I know that are hits proc some of are talents but with all these miss now i think i now why we sit around and wait for things to happen. So was wondering why enhance miss when even being hit capped rogues and warriors and dk's dont miss once there capped again no love for enhance.

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    Do you mean you're missing 17% of white hits? If that's the case, then that's because you aren't hit capped for white damage.

    Because if you have 7.5% hit, you won't miss your special attacks.

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    As Radux said, you will not miss your specials with 7.5% hit. If you have 7.5% expertise, you will not miss your spells, either. What you will miss is some white attacks, as the dual-wield cap is 27%.

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    Speaking from the perspective of a dual-wield Frost DK, they miss a lot of their white hits too.

    Post your armory, maybe there's something you're missing.

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    You're yellow capped, not white (normal) hit capped which requires significantly more hit (and is not worth it).

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    The hit cap for auto attacks while dual-wielding is significantly higher then regular hit cap, around 27% or something.
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    The problem comes from the fact we get spell hit from expertise now, means we don't stack as much hit and don't make it anywhere near the % we used to have before the 5.0 patch.

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