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    Feral druid had 200%+ sprint in whole entire bg

    Seriously. Any glitch around? He took the flag, ran to their side, ran back to our side and then back under 30 sec.

    No shits, we just gave up cuz you couldnt catch him.

    Plain cheats or just some ability stacking glitch?

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    think 2p pvp + travel form + feline swift = 200% movement speed from last time i checked

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    think 2p pvp + travel form + feline swift = 200% movement speed from last time i checked
    basically what they said, its not a cheat, or a glitch, its how feral is now with movement speed increases.

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    Plus if he was engineer he could have used goblin glider too. In the best scenario (in twin peaks when jumping from alliance side to horde side) it lasts long enough to get you half way there, at more than 350% speed.

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    Yeah, Ferals is really fast. It's pretty obnoxious. If no one stuns or fears them on the way across a BG, it's shocking how fast they'll cap.

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    2p pvp + travel form + feline swift + boot speed enchant= 200% + if a hunter with aspect of the pack is riding you = 241%

    Or it all stacks with stampeding Roar which can bring you to 296%

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    Yea, back during Cata, I actually had a constant 215% movement speed with a little setup (4p pvp at the time + Feline Swiftness + boot enchant + wrath speed meta + travel form)

    With stampeding Roar, I was over 300% movement speed.

    It stacks oddly. I do know that, with a quest buff I had, for 8 seconds, I was moving at 2000% movement speed. INSANE. I literally went across pandaria in that amount of time.
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