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    Did they introduce a new tailoring cloak enchant in MoP?

    I've asked in trade chat on my server, as well as looking through some of the recipes on wowhead.com, but I haven't seen a new cloak enchant exclusive to tailors. I suppose a 2000 int proc isn't bad or anything, but you would think there would have been an upgrade to it like everything else.

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    The increase was baked into the cloak enchant and updated automatically. +2000 (3000 for spirit) int, str, or agi is the new enchant.

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    Skill 550 automatically upgrades the Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing self-only modifications auto-upgrade at skill 550.

    Tailoring - Cloak and Leg
    Leatherworking - Wrist and Leg
    Blacksmithing - Sockets (to allow higher ilevel application)

    Edit: +2000 Int Proc IS the MoP-level one. It's replaces lower ones in your spellbook, since they have no ilevel or character level requirements, just Tailoring skill requirements.
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    Oh, duh. I did notice the enchant was 2000 Int, but I had completely forgotten what it was in Cataclysm so I assumed it was already 2000. Kudos guys!

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