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    best buff

    i am the only Physical DPS in my raid, what would be the best buff to bring (we do not have these):

    10% melee/ranged haste
    4% physical damage taken
    12% armor reduction (forgot about warrior so scratch this)

    I do not think i have those in my raid, just wondering what would help me the most seeing how everyone else in raid but the tanks is a caster.
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    The haste buff, by far. If you're the only physical dps, (assuming the warrior is a tank) then the only people who benefit from the 4% phys damage or the 12% armor reduc are the tanks and yourself; meaning the raid gets far more benefit from 10% haste.

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    I don't think ranged haste applies to casters so it would only benefit you and the Hunters if you have any? Still it's probably better than the 4% physical.

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    i was leaning that way as well... it goes give tanks more threat though auto attacks and it helps my pet too.

    My raid is

    Tanks = Warrior + Druid

    DPS = Chicken + Warlock + Hunter + Ele Shaman

    Healers = Priest + Pally + Druid (off spec is DPS when heals is not need another chicken)

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    I bring Heroism!

    /cast Hysteria
    /yell Rock and roll!

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    With active mitigation from tanks now, melee haste buff is actually a buff to make them stay alive better, and now with how vengence works, tank dps i quite high as well so that gets increased as well.

    And from your perspective alone, you get most benefit from the haste buff because a lot of SVs' damage is magical damage.

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