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    My first raid tomorrow as DPS warrior.

    My first raid as DPS warrior is tomorrow now my question is I'm trying to sort all my gear in order, but having some issues cause I wanna play Arms and Fury, but its hard to get perfect stats for both specs, generally cause Fury has 2 weapons. Eitherway I was kinda keen on playing Fury this tier since I spent whole DS tier as Arms, should I be fine as DPS as Fury? Also I heard Arms is superior on the Stoneguard fight to Fury how much difference does it exactly make? Would Fury be too RNG to rely on Raging Blow for multiple targets?


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    Both are viable, go for the one you prefer IMO.

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    Both pretty much perform the same. I think I seen something somewhere that showed Fury being a tiny bit better. I've never been fury, but I just find Arms works really well and is engaging and decently fun to play.
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