Hey guys.

System Specs
CPU: Intel i7-2600
Motherboard: Asus P8Z68-V Pro
GPU: GTX 580 3gigx2
SDD: Crucial M4 64gig
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 16gig

I've experienced a few issues with WoW lately. Whenever I visit the Bank in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar, I notice these graphical glitches throughout the interior. There are little brown and gray specs that dart about the room, almost as if the layout of the room is unable to settle. If I stay in the bank too long like this, my screen becomes filled with this glitchy pattern (which remind me strangely of the MissingNo., the old Pokemon glitch).

Sometimes, I experience this outside of the bank as well, but it's a lot rarer.

I updated my drivers from nVidia recently, so unless it was installed improperly, I'm not sure what's going on.

Attempts to get a screenshot have been fruitless. Typically the computer locks up when I experience these issues. When it doesn't, it fails to recognize my attempts to Prnt Scrn and paste it to something. Will try as it comes up, though.
Thanks guys!