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    No Beeps

    Ok so long story short my idiot brother fell over into my computer and hit it into the wall a little bit. Now it wont beep, show signal to the monitor or mouse/keyboard. Is it safe i need a new motherboard or is there some trick i can do to get it working again. I tried resetting the power cycle and that didnt work. All the fans/cpu/gpu are running it just doesnt post.

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    As he kocked your computer in to the wall some of the hardware might have come lose.
    Try re seating the ram sticks and the gfx card make sure all the cables are properly in place etc then try again

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    As said try reseatting all the cables inside the cpu. Check for anything loose. Also reseat all the cables in the back of the tower.

    You may need to reseat the video card/ram/ a heatsink depending on how bad it was hit but I mean those components are held in there pretty good.

    Lastly u may wanna try clearing your cmos. And also check the video cable in the back of your monitor. It may have pulled that cable and it could be lose in the monitor's end too.

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