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    The Pokemon games are better, but the TV show is just horrible, atleast the Digimon one had a decent plot plus it had a darker tone, I mean there were Digimons who actually died.
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    It's undeniable that Digimon is better than Pokémon as a TV show, the sole fact that Pokémon has Ash in it makes Digimon the better one. Pokémon has the same 700 episodes by now, only unique one is the one where the Pokémon have stranded on an island and there's subtitles for what they say. While Digimon has sucked ass ever since the first series it still had a much better series just by the first 54 episodes of the first season.

    It simply had a darker and more serious plot. Digimons had personalities, there's only one episode where we understand the Pokémon, excluding the tons of pointless movies which were erased from the cast's memory the next episode anyways. Digimons actually die in the series, even good ones, there's not even close to anything known as death in Pokémon, at most the Gastly->Haunter->Gengar line is the closest to death mentioned in the series.

    Also, it had a much better movie. As a child you basically looked upon Omnimon as a god. And while the Mewtwo movie was cool and all, it just didn't stand up to the raw action of Our War Game, which btw only lasts about 40 minutes while the Mewtwo movie lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes. All the other Pokémon and Digimon movies ended up sucking big time though.

    Digimon was ruined as early as the second season though, it completely bastardized the first season, and it's sitting down there with Pokémon now. Still, it had one good season, and that alone makes it the victor.

    However, the Pokémon games are of course the better ones. Digimon had Digimon World 1, and then a bunch of good to okay games, while Pokémon has had at least 3 amazing games, with only 1 bad, not counting the spin-offs.

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    Actually, Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) originated in Japan in 1995/1996. Digimon didn't come around until after Pokemon had been ported over to America (1997 I think.) After Digimon came out, Monster Rancher (Monster Farm) jumped on the train almost immediately afterward.
    Pokémon Red and Green were released in Japan in 1996, Digimon in 1997. Pokémon were the Gameboy games, Digimon was made as a Tamagochi for a male audience. The TV series weren't able to rip each other off though, seeing that both aired for the first time within an hour of each other, Digimon being aired an hour earlier than Pokémon.
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    Digimon by far.

    Pokemon was good, but the overarching story was pretty lame, in comparison the overarching story is Digimon was pretty epic.

    Plus Wargreymon was a freakin beast, and is >>> everything else

    p.s also, Digimon was better than Pokemon for the simple reason that Digimon could say more than their name, meaning they could be turned into actual characters
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    Anyone else remember this?

    I'll admit it creeped me out when I 1st saw it.

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    In all honesty I cannot choose one or the other. I love them both so much!

    Pokémon will always remain one of the best in my opinion but Digimon really did make a huge impact too.
    Though I did get much more attached to the characters in Pokémon

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    What do you guys think about Medabots and Yugioh? If they were in the poll, in what order would you rank them from best to worst?

    Mine likely: Digimon > Medabots > Yugioh > Pokemon

    But more specific: Digimon season 1 > Medabots season 1 > Yugioh season 1 > Medabots season 2 > Yugioh season 2 > Pokemon season 1. The rest doesn't matter for me.

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    Digimon was an infinitely superior cartoon to Pokemon. Pokemon was basically Scooby Doo with animal collection, Team Rocket being the goofy villains every episode. Digimon had some of the most interesting kids-cartoon plot lines around. Series 1-3 of Digimon in particular are fairly amazing. There's a lot of time-passing stuff and introductions to their worlds (of course, it's a kid show, gotta break everything down for them), but when they get to the concurrent plots, it gets really interesting.

    Even now, Digimon Tamers is just an amazing cartoon, regardless of the watcher's age. This is mostly because the writer of Serial Experiment Lain, Chiaki J. Konaka, is responsible for the story (though he had to have x amount of company demands met). This really shows in the second half, with both the psychological implications and actions of those involved being questioned and some psyches even broken. Hell, even most of the antagonists have actual depth and reason for existing. The show takes the general idea of Digimon to some really dark places and is well worth watching.
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    I think one reason the Digimon series (at least the initial story that I watched) was better because it wasn't episodic like Pokemon was. It made for a relatively deeper story that Pokemon had. That and Ash was a retard. Even my 2nd grade self saw how much he screwed up all the time.
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    I don't watch either of them now, but when I was kid I preferred pokemon tv, no idea about now though.

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    Back when I was a kid, I'd give it to Pokemon hands down, but as time has gone on and I've rewatched them, I've realized that the Pokemon anime kinda sucks, and the digimon anime is pretty good. Especially the season when they turn into the digimon, Tamers I believe it's called.

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