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    2200 Elite gear

    If i am 2200 in 2v2, i am able to acquire the Elite gear correct?

    Because it only says 3v3 and 5v5?

    I don't understand why they excluded the 2v2?

    If not, why?

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    You cannot get Elite gear with 2v2 rating and it's been like that since first season of Cata if i remember right.
    The reason for that i think is that 2v2 is usually way more unbalanced than 3v3 or 5v5 so you can easily do 2k2 rating in 2v2 with OP combo.
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    2v2 is far more difficult to balance, as it tends to come down to a case of rock paper scissors. Healer/dps also tend to dominate the dps/dps comps, making it less fair for double dps.

    2v2's stopped being able to acquire 2200 gear and titles a long time ago. A good decision, to say the least.

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    yeah they took out the 2v2 requirements back in Wrath actually.
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    Because 2.2k takes close to no skill to achieve with certain comps.
    But then again, same may be said for 3s at the moment when playing comps such as kfc >.>

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    No idea why 2v2 is excluded from gear/titles/etc. It hasn't been significantly less balanced than larger brackets. Most classes have had a cheesy 2s comp to ride if they wanted to, and it would still be reasonably fair right now if warriors and hunters weren't so out of check. Considering you can get 2200 gear from rated battlegrounds, I don't see why 2v2 can't count.

    It's a nightmare to play though. I can't imagine how you put in the effort to get to 2200 in 2s.

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