View Poll Results: Which 2 Professions will be the most profitable for this patch?

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  • Alchemy

    26 37.14%
  • Blacksmithing

    5 7.14%
  • Enchanting

    15 21.43%
  • Engineering

    1 1.43%
  • Herbalism

    7 10.00%
  • Inscription

    40 57.14%
  • Jewelcrafting

    28 40.00%
  • Leatherworking

    6 8.57%
  • Mining

    14 20.00%
  • Skinning

    1 1.43%
  • Tailoring

    3 4.29%
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    Which 2 Professions will be the most profitable for this patch?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for some opinions - which 2 professions will be most profitable for this expansion? I haven't really done much homework for this expansion and don't really have the knowledge to make such a judgement.

    I've always liked making Gold (Got to 750k last expansion), and am looking to mirror those results this expansion.

    Currently, I have JC/Inscrip, but am willing to switch them if there are others that will be more profitable.

    Poll inc.

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    Inscription - DMF cards

    Mining - People buying crazy amounts of Ghost Iron right now

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    As the game has developed then people tend not to rely on just two professions, but have access to several.

    It is hard to look past the big three of JC, inscription and enchanting, but everything is server dependant:
    1. Do you know your market?
    2. Whats the competition like?
    3. Whats the demand like?

    If you know the AH and then use your brain you can make that amount with several professions. The weakness I see in your strategy is that you are unprepared and mention no source of supply except I assume the AH. You will do fine with your existing professions if you use them wisely and understand what happens in the different phases of the economy when the expansion is new.

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    I'd go with Mining and Herbalism. Selling the raw materials is always profitable and does not cost anything but your time.
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    As usual Alch...with living steel needed by other 3 professions...

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    any prof can gice lots of gold...

    Jc is awesome
    Inscription is awesome...

    "the best prof" does not depend of the prof, but of you server economy and your effort into it!!

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    DMF cards offer around 4k profit per card on my server.
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    I've sold Darkmoon cards for up to 20k, I even have another character with inscription so I can x2 the cards

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    Currently it's definitely scribe. But by the time the next DMF goes around their value will be greatly reduced (though still not worthless) from what they are worth now.

    I always base money-making on time spent making that money, and in that regard I think Alchemy wins out, you can buy all your mats and often make double that for profit. I can make a bunch of pots for 10g each or less on my potion master, say I'll make 100 pots that sell for 20g each, go afk for 10 minutes and come back and have maybe 120 pots to sell when I get thats like a free 400g or so in procs alone, give or take, and I could have been in the other room eating a sammich while crafting. Xmutes can be even better at times. Yeah, you can make lots of money gathering but esp with mining it takes a lot of time, and you have to compete with others both while gathering and on the AH.
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    I always go for tailoring. I go to verlok stand, farm for an hour on my tailor warrior. I get around 1200-1400 embersilk cloth. I can just sell the cloth at 4g each (4k+ profit at ah easily) and the 500g+ cash from the loot. I can also make embersilk bags which sell anywhere from 250g-750g or I can make illusionary bags every 6 days which sell for 2-3k gold. One hour farming everyday I make 4k+ gold. Inscription is good now but value will go down as raid gear will start being much better than dmf trinkets. People will always need bags =)

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    I will go with Alch and JC as the main moneymakers. Inscription is only good in the short term for DMF cards and they will lose value later on.

    Flasks for raiders will always sell well, plus you have the bonus of transmuting Meta Gems, Trillium, and Living Steel.

    As for JC, people will always need gems as they replace gear.

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    You have a very good point there but it really all depends on how many people sell the flasks and gems in your server. In case of alchemy if a flast sells for less than the mat cost it's not exactly a good money maker. Time is valuable and money making shouldn't always require a lot of time farming. Pretty much same goes for jc. If people sell gems for such low amounts on your server your money making capability goes down drastically. From my experiences since TBC bags always sell fairly good. I always made money selling bags and lately profit has gone way up. Just doing one hour of farming and some ah playing I make 7-10k gold everyday. I use the remaining time I have to play the game leveling up my monk. But eventually I will have toons with max jc and alch as well.

    I just checked the remote ah and today I made 9625 gold just from selling bags. If all my auctions sell at buyout that'll be 14k for today alone. About 12k of that 14k is profit, I bought some cloth and hypnotic dust to make bags with. Gotta love tailoring. All this with about 1 hour worth of farming and 1 hour of crafting, which I watch an episode of fringe =D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Telila View Post
    Mining - People buying crazy amounts of Ghost Iron right now
    Depends on server. Already down to 85-90g a stack on my server. Hardly worth the effort anymore just let the bots farm it.

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    dont underestimate LW, ive been selling the 476 gloves (leather agi) for 25k a pop, since there are 2 monk specs, 2 druid specs and all 3 rogue specs that can use them, seems to be in most demand plus as far a pre raid gear goes, its better than anything, even doing lfr wont get you gloves
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    I think it is now too early to tell becayse blizzard are messing with the economies too much in an inconsistent manner.
    All servers are different.
    They have mad an unprecedented amount of mats available.
    JC and enchanting they have knocked on the head.

    All servers are different including the demand side elements, such as amount of raid guilds. I would also say one decent competitor can blow your ambitions up.

    I hope JC and ench come back over time.

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