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    will of the emperor devastating combo

    I am finding my character too slow to get out of the slashes, currently standing at Max hit box and just strafing opposite way to slash animation. I am fairly new to warrior,moved from dk for this expac, so correct me if I'm wrong but we don't having. A passive run speed increase? Have pandarenstep on boots but this isn't as big an increase as paladin and dk passive ability correct? Looked thru some warrior parses and saw virtually no devastating combos cast. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    glyph enraged speed

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    Hug the boss and just move behind him quickly? doesnt that go faster than standing at max range at straving?

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    The only possible reason for you, not being able to move out of those slashes, must be because you arent paying enough attention.
    Obviously you have the boot enchan, so that should be an issue. I honestly cannot comprehend how you cannot do it. The only ones that can be a slight issue, is having the hammer add, while he does a stomp, followed by forward slash, but atleast we have heroic leap for that and even without it shouldnt be an issue. Id say atm, your biggest issue is not paying enough attention. Ive yet to see him actually do the same side twice, wich i doubt he can, so preemtively moving to the other side should give you an advantage. We Killed the boss really quickly, so i cannot really give you much more advise, i didnt get hit once on our kill though. So atleast i must be doing something right.

    Be on your toes, try to move as soon as the previous strike has done its animation - If you have a stomp try to not run backwards, but to a side, that way you can easily avoid the stomp-->Forward slash combo, wich seemed to be the hardest for me to avoid. Learning how far to run before youre at the edge of those slashes is gold aswell. Something that noone can really teach ya.

    Good luck on the fight, I hope you'll get it down.

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    Probably was just me not paying attention. Didnt really get much time on it as we killed it in about 3 pulls. Not too worried bout normals just on heroic i am guessing the ability plus the damage taken is pretty integral to the fight. Did you find the boss randomly turned around during his slash ability tho made it quite difficult to predict which way next or was this just due to our tank avoiding the abilities, when i asked him he said it was not controllable?

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    What can really bring good results is to turn the camera in the direction you want to move. If the boss is starting "the thing" just press both mousebuttons and you will be out in no time. The shorter the distance, the better.

    Other than that you can Heroic Leap out or intervene a dps/heal.
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    Ye i intervene dps but then your out of range to activate attack button so thats not really a solution and i dont think turning camera is an option, ofc i have unbound keyboard turns and bound to strafe so i am strafing out, turning camera would be a waste of time imo plus more than likely impossible to see the slash animation

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    Asks for help, then ignores all suggestions? GG

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    Ignoring no suggestions but turning camera then clicking to move instead of just straight strafing would take longer.

    Interveneing a healer/dps would leave me out of range to activate the ability.

    I think gum had it right basically pay attention and get used to it no real trick to it.

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