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    Which boots to grab from Sha?

    So I got lucky enough to grab a group for sha when I was questing on my 88 warrior today who i've recently decided to start over on a new server as my new main. I'll be hitting 90 tonight or tommorow and I haven't yet decided how to use my claw.

    On one hand I really like tanking, but I do want to find a raiding guild, so I'm probably going to end up DPSing. My inclination is to gear the spec I'm probably going to end up using in raids, but the stats seem a bit weird. As far as I knew, warrior DPS aren't a tremendous fan of haste and these boots are chocked full of it, as well as a good chunk of mastery (also, as far as I know not very good for warriors last time I played DPS, I have been tanking for a long time, however).

    Are the DPS boots really worth it, or should I just get a really nice piece for my OS? Thanks for any help.

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    I hate the dps-boots
    the stats are really horrible (haste, mastery...really?? we're not rets ^^)
    i think you should take the tank-boots and go heroics for some blues...for example
    Sorry for my english i'm from germany... greetingz

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    there are better ones from heroics for prot warriors.
    but then again, I'm quite sure there are better ones for dps warriors as well. both dodge/parry for prot and haste/mastery for dps is not the best secondary stat combo you can get...

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    Ye i got the dps boots only to exchange them for heroic blues the next day. As stated above the stats are horrible for us.

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