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    [A] Sequence @ Darksorrow 2/6 Recruiting!

    About US

    Sequence is a guild which formed late Cataclysm times, we were 8 players with 8/8 HC progress who transferred to Darksorrow, currently we are working on strengthen our Raid roster for MoP ...

    Our Progress:

    Tier 11: 8/13 HC
    Tier 12: 7/7 HC
    Tier 13: 8/8 HC
    Tier 14: 2/8 N

    Raid Days/Timings:

    Wednesday: 18:45 - 23:00
    Thursday: 18:45 – 23:00
    Sunday: 18:45 - 23:00
    Tuesday: 18:45 - 23:00

    What we can offer you:

    - A strong core that has played together for some time.
    - A friendly atmosphere.
    - A well-organized guild.

    What we require from you:

    - A level 85 character with proper gear (Not missing enchants, gems, reforging, etc).
    - Excellent knowledge of your class.
    - The ability to speak, write and understand English.
    - A working version 3.0.x of Ventrilo.
    - Key bindings. We don’t want clickers.
    - Dedication and skills.
    - Like the game, aka be online and play the game. We don’t want people who log in for raids and then stay offline when it’s obvious they need to get a rep up, etc...
    - This is an 18+ years old guild; please do not apply if you are 17.5!
    - 95% + attendance with few exceptions since we got a very tight rooster.

    Required Classes:

    - Resto Shaman w/ Eelemental OS - (Hight)

    - Mistwearver Monk – (High)

    - DK (DPS w/Blood Spec) – (Medium)

    - All classes as Socials & PvPers


    You can apply by visiting our site: www.sequence-guild.guildlaunch.com

    More information:


    Librasun: Real ID & Email: [email protected] - Site Admin



    Most officers will be online daily between 5-7 PM server time!

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