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    Monk renewing mist not spr eading.....

    After hot fixes today i notice my renewing mist is not spreading to other targets. I just stay in that one target. anyone with the same issue?

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    You're being very vague with your description. Are you just casting it on random people and it's not spreading because everyone is at max health? Did you unglyph it?

    I haven't noticed any change since restarts.
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    Its been working fine for me all night.

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    it doesnt spread if noone is taking damage. (i think)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victoris View Post
    it doesnt spread if noone is taking damage. (i think)
    This is correct, seen it happen a lot.
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    At first i tought this was a bug aswell, but it just doesn't spread to people with full health.
    It will bounce to the next person that takes damage.

    It could also just be bouncing to pets if you haven't got pet hp bars active on your part/raidframes.
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