The ÐreamCatchers Guild Level 25

Currently we raid 25 man and 10 man content

The ÐreamCatchers Current Requirements for the 25 man Team

Monk - Healer
Druid - Restoration

The ÐreamCatchers Current Requirements for the 10 man Team

Ele Shaman
Blood Death Knight

Exceptional applications are always duly considered

For current raid progress please see

What we also value a lot is the social aspect this game has to offer. This reflects the way we interact with each other. We are in essence a group of friends who meet each other through this game enjoying raiding and everything else this game has to offer us. Thus we expect you to establish a friendly and healthy relationship with your class mates and other guild members. Making an effort to keep Mumble and guild chat lively is highly appreciated.Another important aspect is not acting disrespectfully towards not only your Guildmates but everyone else on the server is highly appreciated.

If any of the above sounds interesting please feel free too drop by the guilds website at:

And post an application up there.

We use a closed bidding DKP system to lock out the loot#@!%#s.
We raid 3 days a week

Raiding Schedule for 25 Man

Sunday 19-00 pm too 23-30 pm server time

Monday 19-00 pm too 23-30 pm server time

Tuesday 19-00 pm too 23-30 pm server time

If you're interested in joining and are an exceptional player, head over to our applications forum (see our website) and write an application.
We are always interested in any exceptional player if you are either one of these you are welcome to apply on our website.

If you wish to have more information you can contact :

Wha or Favela in game for 25 Man

Thecapricorn for 10 Man