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    Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Key Droprate

    Since the nerf on the respawn times on the Stone guardians in Guo-Lai halls has anyone else noticed a steep drop in the droprates of the keys? Usually id get 2-3 just from the mobs i kill during dailies, and then 1 or 2 more farming the stone guardians. since the nerf I havent got a single key and ive been farming all kinds of different Mogu for significant amounts of time.

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    Ive been doing dailies for nearly 2 weeks now, not a single drop

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    I've gotten 1 on the very first mob I killed (dinged yesterday). But none afterwards.

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    I have yet to see one of these fabled Guo-Lai caches. Right now I'm working at home so I can camp the place but nothing. I ghost rezzed through the door to check the other area but nothing there either. I get the feeling I'm overlooking something or they simply don't spawn.

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    who cares i and my friends have plenty of this ... tho there arent any chests . or maybe there are but not even close enough

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    Ouch, maybe I've just been super lucky so far.

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    I've found 2 keys so far (dinged on the first Sunday after MoP's release) and 1 cache. I'm not sure if the drop rate was ever really good to begin with.

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    I found two a few weeks ago but deleted them. Now I can't find them on item restoration. What are they used for?

    edit: Checked item restoration, they are not there.
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    i have 5 key on my mage and two on my shaman, but no cache so far. there was only one but another player was faster^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudor View Post
    I found two a few weeks ago but deleted them. Now I can't find them on item restoration. What are they used for?

    edit: Checked item restoration, they are not there.
    They allow you to go into Guo-Lai halls, unlock spawning chests, which has a chance to obtain items that you can use for reputation with the Golden Lotus,
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    Haven't seen a cache either. Not sure about the key droprate, I just wish I could stand a chance of finding a cache. :P
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    I got three keys the first two days of doing dailies (night of release and next) but didn't get one after that (during dailies.) But I began farming and would get about 4 or 5 keys in about 4 hours. In the end, I had 12 keys turned in through chests bumping me into revered a full 4 days before anybody else. They're out there, but you have to put lots of time into it!

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    I got one a week ago, still trying to find a cache to open. I got to Honored with Lotus and went through the closed door inside the vault but there were still no cache's to be found. I think getting the key is a challenge - but finding a cache to open it with is even more of a challenge..

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    I got 4 so far, but only used one. Really can't be bothered to wait for chests to spawn... i got stuff to do you know

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    And here I am with several boxes found labeled as 'Guo-Lai Cache' and I've yet to see a single key... :/

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    Weird, I'm on Barthilas a pretty populated server and I have no problems finding Caches, even gotten a few in the first main room. I've tried farming the mogu in the south of the vale ( the ones you kill on the mistfall dailies) and whilst it is fast kills, I spent nearly 2 hours farming there but all i got was 4 greens, starshard and an epic ring ( good loot but not actually what i wanted). Anyone got any results farming other mogu groups, think I've tried most of them.

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    I found one, and was able to use it on one of the caches in the hall of statues (initially accessible only during a certain one time quest.) A few days later, I found two keys within a couple minutes of one another... but I haven't been able to find any caches in the antechamber or first side room of the halls to use them on.
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    I have 3 keys... but haven't seen a cache yet.

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    Doing dailies every day, only one key drop so far and plenty of chests when I'm running around Suppose it is luck and very server dependent. I play on a very low pop server, might explain why I manage to find the chests.

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    I have one key...and still haven't seen any cache.

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