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    [A]Chronic Insanity (10mHardcore) Ravencrest Aiming top 5

    We are a 10 man Hardcore guild whit 4 raid days a week. We are aiming minimum top 5 on the realm.

    Current progress is 4/6

    What are we looking for?
    1 Warlock
    1 Shadow Priest whit Os Healing

    We are a very dedicated groupe and we exspect you to be the same. We work hard to be on top and slack is not tolerated. If you don't want to raid there is no point applying. Because we enjoy raiding on a high lvl, whit out any slack what so ever!

    Raid times and days
    We start raids at 18:45-50 at this time we expect you to stand ready outside the raid.
    We pull at 19:00 Sharp and end the raid at 23:00 Realm time
    Sunday Monday Wednesday and Thursday
    you need to be able to attend 90% of all raids per month

    If you have any questions send us a mail or contact any officer in game.
    You can also visit us at: www chronic-insanity.guildportal com
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