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    Trouble in the arena

    Hi guys.. been playing mage sinds TBC.
    I did my BG farm this week and loving it. Its hard to target a mage in BG's whene they come for me i have block , instant invis and alter time rdy to get them off me.. So i can cc again and help nuke a focused target..

    My problem is arena in MOP.. I am not liking it so much.. Its rly hard to get a bomb off.. Pll know whats coming whene i bomb and deep so they trinket that (if i do not get a CS whene i try to cast bomb , its the only spell you have the CS vs a frost mage). So i have to w8 30 befor i can try again.. Any other dmg is pretty low or non at all.. We just need that deep.. So thats how we do dmg now and i do not like it..

    My biggest problem is the kiting.. We lost a snare with Cone of cold and its seems every meele has a extra gap closer or reflect or stun.. SO its -1 for us and +1 for the rest meaning i feel like a warlock with 1 or 2 meelee on me and it sux..

    Try casting frost bomb with 2 meele on you .. Your not going to have a good time..

    I am the only 1 with this problem? if so all tips are welcome becaus atm i am lost in arena..

    Greetz Konoz

    (ps: soz for the bad english )

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    i'm not a mage but a druid but have you tryed to take the first talent in the first tier of talents that makes your ability a instant?
    so you can use it to make frost bomb instant?
    i don't know if it works but you could give it a try or whenever you come out of stealth use the bomb first maybe and than deep.
    maybe take frostjaw aswell than it snares and silence the target
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    whene i come out of invis i can just cast it and deep.. pll trinket that becaus they know its the only dmg a mage can do so there i stand with only a bomb and no deep
    After 30sec ill do instant bomb and deep so i can get off some dmg but most of the time pll do not die if i can pull of 1 bomb/deep..

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    could you maybe tell me your team setup and if it's 2vs2 or 3vs3 ?

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    Not have a setup yet.. Just played with irl friends and randoms to get cap and test out mage in arena..

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    They don't need to be in deep freeze for shatter to activate, you can time only frost nova or pet freeze a split second before the bomb goes off.

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    Deeps should be used as filler between polymorph cc's. use pet nova to activate shatters

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    any team that lets you cast bombs and shatters freely is bad. you just need practice and lots of play to start finding a way around people trying to stop you from casting frost bomb, just the way arena works.

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