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    Advice on which profession next?

    Professions i have at the moment are.
    Mining, herbing, JC, ench and inscription.

    I have one free slot, which I was going to use as a JC and have all the leveling mats. the idea was to get patterns faster. Having seen the way JC works I am not convinced the faster recipes will offer me as big an advantage as I expected. I am now wondering if I should choose something else and am toying with the idea of another inscriptor, solely for dmf cards or an alchemist.

    Please note I have access to leatherworking, blacksmith and tailoring. I also have access to alchemists of all specialisms.

    So really I see my choices as.
    1.JC for the extra patterns.
    2. Alchemy for living steel and then just convenience, although my friends make me what I want in bulk and I can trust them on procs. I pay them a decent fee and its good to spread wealth around.
    3. Inscription for DMF only.

    Any thoughts on which one you would pick? I am mostly looking from the view of making gold(please note I know how to deal with the AH and am beyond cap) its just my thoughts on making my setup more efficient.


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    Profit in Alchemy is too tied into procs for my liking. It's too much of a gamble.

    JC for faster patterns is really only viable in the beginning. When you get all the cuts on one, you will have no use for the other. Of course, the gem cuts are expensive at the start so it's probably viable for at least a month or two (JC gets 1 cut per day so it's a lot faster than in Cataclysm).

    Inscription is limited by 1 card per day as I understand it (unless you spend a lot of Spirit of Harmony, which currently is BoP) so this might be your top choice. 2 caveats, though. If Blizzard removes the 1 card/day limit, an extra scribe will be useless. How long will the trinkets be viable? They didn't add new trinkets for the later tiers in Cataclysm, so scribes will probably not get it this time around, either. People will probably buy them for increased ilevel even if they are overrun by better trinkets in later tiers, but they may be selling for "peanuts".

    In short: JC for short term. Inscription for medium term. Alchemy for your "gambling thrill".

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    i'd say alchemy.

    the shuffle got me gold capped in cata. i dont know how it is in mop yet though. but you have xmute master wich always gives you a (small) free income every day.

    i have five xmute masters - so i have to say that im a little biased towards alchemy =)

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    If it was cata then an extra JC would be useful. Praest you make the very valid point that in MOP you get the recipes 3x as fast, so that redyes the time of advantage.
    The other thing is that there is ni exclusivity of cuts vecayse of the free gems of random cuts that are flooding the ah. This really neutralises a lot of previous profitability in JC. You helped me understand why I have reservations and now wont make another jc.

    The inscription is short term and depends on whether the cards sell. Imo they are overpriced and people arent saying they are as good as the relative cata one. Ofc if you look at the other thread someone is raving about how profitable it is.

    I jhave 5 guilide alchemists who will make me what I want and 1 cd a say isnt enough. Still thinking i cna see how it fits easuer, but bot having one doesnt cause me any problems. id have liked a skinner leatherworker...maybe ill have to level another character.

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